The 2022 Poetry Contest Prize is $1,000.

In 2013, while recuperating from the loss of a toe, I started a poetry contest that ran concurrently to the LUMMOX ANTHOLOGY. In the beginning, the prize was a chapbook (of the winner’s poetry) and a small cash prize. But several years later it became the Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Prize. I was able to increase the prize (thanks to the generosity of Angela’s late-husband, R. Mankiewicz).

Pay $15 Entry Fee

How To enter the Angela C. Mankiewicz Poetry Contest
1. Pay the $15 fee 
2. Submit your 3 poems (100 lines or less per poem) + a short bio and your email address to:
The winner will be announced by email.

Remember the Lummox Motto:
(if you don’t have the chops, it doesn’t matter WHO you are)!


John B. Lee — Tip

ACM Honorable Mentions
Eric Dickey – (for these 3 poems); James River; James Smith; James Byrd Jr
Eileen Hale – Beyond the Trapdoor
Diane Klammer – What a Fisherman Said at Sawhill Ponds
Ellaraine Lockie – Eavesdropping on the Stars
John Macker – Jazz on a Summer’s Day
Wendy Rainey – (for 2 poems); Sweaters of the Dead, Astro Turf
Patti Scruggs – Degas’ Bathers
Judith Skillman – The Cantor
Dawn Senior Trask – You Horses:  Paycheck


John B. Lee,1st place

Elaine Mintzer, 2nd place

Alexis Fancher, 3rd place

LUMMOX thanks B.J. Buckley for judging the 3rd Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Contest! She did such a great job that I’ve asked her to return again next year! All the judges have been wonderful: Ellaraine Lockie, Dr. Thelma T. Reyna, & Judith Skillman.

Previous Winners

Jeffrey Alfier 2018

Mary McGinnis 2017 Breath of Willow

Georgia Santa Maria 2016 Dowsing

H. Marie Aragon 2015 When Desert Willows Speak

John Sweet 2014 The Century of Dreaming Monsters



Angela (1944 – 2017) was born in Brooklyn, NY, but later moved to the west coast. She was fortunate to be able to devote two-thirds of her life to her true loves: poetry and theater. She authored hundreds of published poems and four poetry chapbooks, Cancer Poems, An Eye, Wired and As If and a recorded children’s story, The Grummel Tales. She was twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize in poetry. She also wrote a play that later became the libretto for “One Day Less,” a one-act operetta.

An archive of her life’s work has been donated to Cal State Los Angeles. It includes samples of her poetry, her chapbooks and the themes that dictated what she wrote about: family, abuse of power, women’s rights, racism, Brooklyn and multiple forms of poetry, such as Sestinas and Sonnets.

Throughout her life, Angela corresponded with hundreds of poets on all things poetic. She generously supported many literary groups such as Poets and Writers, Poets House (NYC) and Pen West. She was, to my way of thinking, a poet’s poet… and she was a friend of mine. It’s my fortune to be able to honor her memory with this prize. — RD Armstrong, Publisher

Read some of her poetry (click here)