Thank you for your interest in supporting The Moon in The Bucket fund.

Together we can provide a little bit of seed money and support for poets, poetry centers/programs, food banks, homeless shelters, youth outreach programs, cultural centers, film makers, musicians, visual artists and Native Americans (over 120 so far).

The Moon in The Bucket fund promotes happiness in the giver and the receiver. Thank you for your support.

For as long as I can remember Philanthropy was of interest to me….there was always just one problem….
I never had much extra money.

So what’s this thing all about?

So, I lived as a  bohemian (it was the start of a lifelong adventure on the “fringe”). And while I worked many odd jobs in my early years, I finally settled on home repair and improvement for thirty years. When I could no longer do that work, I switched to making a sparse living from publishing poetry. I had already been at it for twenty-six years; three quarters of the time as a hobby and the remaining six years, as a part-time business selling books and merch, and relying on a small SSI check, and the occasional odd job to carry me thru. It was not as hard as living on the street or in some rehab ward or prison, but it was certainly hard enough.

Then a “small” miracle happened. I came thru the hard times and entered the “easy life.” Thanks to an inheritance, I was finally able to help myself and other people! Soon I realized that I could help people and small institutions, too. So I broadened my field of interest and began giving seed money to poets, to poetry centers/programs, then to food banks, homeless shelters, youth outreach programs and cultural centers. I also have supported film makers, musicians, visual artists and native Americans (over 120 so far). I’m always looking for others to help out and rely on recommendations from people, I’ve already helped out. It’s all very ‘grass-roots’.

And the darnedest thing about doing this since late May, 2020 is this feeling of happiness! Just knowing that I’m making a real difference in the lives of the down and out, the struggling artist, and the non-profits that support them….who knew that this kind of “work” could be so rewarding! And it makes me happy, VERY HAPPY!!!

If you know me, you know that happiness has eluded me most of my life. Imagine how surprised I was when I realized how happy I was becoming! It was almost unbelievable.

If you want to find out more about this project, please contact me through the contact form on this site. — RD/Steve Armstrong

Recent Recipients of Awards from the Moon in The Bucket Fund

My spirit dwells in this body as the moon is reflected in muddy water.  — Nichirin Daishonin

In Haiku
it’s always
the moon
in the bucket

In Haiku
All is timeless.

It’s always
The Moon
In the

Never the
Razor’s bite
Or the sting
Of aftershave.

It’s always
The Moon
In the

Always the
Ship dissecting
Mt. Fuji’s

Always the

In Haiku

The kiss lingers
Snow never melts
Rain mists gently
The Moon
Always returns
To the bucket
No matter what
—RD Armstrong

If you want to find out more about this project, please contact me (RD / Steve Armstrong).