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COMING THIS FALL…TAMARACKS (the all-Canadian Anthology) edited by James Deahl. RESERVE A COPY HERE! This is the first comprehensive survey of Canadian poetry since the 80’s to be published by an American press !

Circle of Bones by Gil Hagen Hill (Apr. ’18)

Orphaned Words – Forgotten Poems from a Haphazard Life by RD Armstrong (Mar. ’18) 

Thank You For Dreaming by Jeannine Pitas (Feb. ’18)

On Fire and Roses by Alex Johnston (Feb. ’18)

painless life by Gary Jacobelly (Dec. ’17)

The Mysterious Book of Old Man Poems by Bill Gainer (Oct. ’17)

Breath of Willow by Mary McGinnis (Sept. ’17)
Winner of the 4th Lummox Poetry Prize!


A Dance Around the Cauldron by Linda Lerner & Donna Joy Kerness (Aug. ’17)

In Rot We Trust Vol. 1 by Rob Plath & Janne Karlsson (Aug. ’17)

The Mother Goose Market by Ron Lucas (Apr. ’17)

Dowsing by Georgia Santa Maria (Mar. ’17) – recipient of the 3rd Lummox Poetry Prize.

Carousel by Judith R. Robinson (Jan. ’17)

Scott Wannberg – The Lummox Years 1996 – 2006 (Dec. ’16)

LUMMOX #5 Edited by RD Armstrong (Sept. ’16)

To Be With A Woman by James Deahl (Sept. ’16)

Tracking the Rabbit by RD Armstrong (Mar. ’16)

Knitting the Andy Warhol Bridge by Ann Curran (Feb. ’16)

Last Man Standing by Alan Catlin (Dec. ’15)

In Between the Places Where Night Falls by Joris Soeding (Dec. ’15)
Unbroken Lines: Collected poetic prose – 1990 to 2015 by James Deahl (Oct. ’15)
LUMMOX #4 edited by RD Armstrong (Sept. ’15)
When Desert Willows Speak by H. Marie Aragon (winner of the 2nd Lummox Poetry Prize) (Sept. ’15)
Henry River – An American Ruin by Tim Peeler (July ’15)
In the Shadow of the Bomb by Joe Gardner (June ’15)
Under the Yellow Umbrella by Mitchell Cohen (May ’15)
Body and Soul by Ryan Guth (April ’15)

Blood in the Mix by John Macker & Lawrence Welsh (Jan. 2015)

The Century of Dreaming Monsters by John Sweet (Dec. 2014) WINNER of the 1st Lummox Poetry Prize

LUMMOX #3 POETRY ANTHOLOGY (Nov. 2014) Poet’s Gallery

prosthesis by Ariana D. Den Bleyker (Sept. 2014)

The Brentwood Anthology by the Pittsburgh Poet’s Exchange (Aug. 2014) 

A Tree on the Rift – Short Stories by Bruce Colbert (August 2014)

CORVIDAE A delightful poetry collection by B.J. Buckley (July 2014)

Liberal Media Made Me Do It! An excellent poetry anthology featuring poems inspired by NPR, APR & PBS! Edited by Robbi Nester. (Mar. 2014)

WILDWOOD A new poetry collection by Kyle Laws (Feb. 2014)

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BROKEN LINES by Judith Skillman ⇐⇐⇐
Judge of the 2015 & 2016 Lummox Poetry Contests!

2015 Titles
Blood in the Mix; Body and Soul; Under the Yellow Umbrella; In the Shadow of the Bomb; Henry River: An American Ruin; Lummox Poetry Anthology 4; When Desert Willows Speak; Unbroken Lines; In Between the Places Where Night Falls; Last Man Standing

2O14 Titles
 Whispering in a Mad Dog’s Ear; Ding Dong the Bell; Unchainable Spirit – A Poetic Tribute to Mike Adams; Liberal Media Made Me Do It!; WildwoodCorvidae; A Tree on the Rift; The Brentwood Anthology; prosthesis; Lummox Poetry Anthology 3;
The Century of Dreaming Monsters

2013 Titles
5150; I See Hunger’s Children; her; Songs of the Glue Machines; Breaking and Entering; How Long the Night Is; Me First; Walking The Puppy; Broken Lines – The Art & Craft of Poetry; Birth Mother Mercy; LUMMOX Anthology 2; What the Wind Says

Some older titles from the Lummox Press:
Crazy Bone / The Names of Lost Things / The Instrument of Others / Strong as Silk  / Steel Valley