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Winner of 2021 Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Prize

On behalf of Lummox Productions, the estate of Richard Mankiewicz and our judge B.J. Buckley, I extend my congratulations to JOHN B. LEE — THE WINNER OF THIS YEAR’S ANGELA CONSOLO MANKIEWICZ POETRY PRIZE OF $1000.00. This deceptively "simple" poem is actually an amazing and skillful tour-de-force of image, form and the music of spoken Amer-Canadian English. Although devoid of capital letters and punctuation, it is a single, beautifully phrased, complex sentence, divided by two stanza breaks into three uneven "thirds". Yet it reminded me of nothing so much as a sonnet, because it performs, much as a sonnet does, the presentation and development of an event/idea/emotion from the intimate and particular to the universal. As it unfolds from the author's memory of the death of their first dog, the writer's life as a farmer is revealed – dealing with death is a constant of that hard occupation -- and one might anticipate a stoicism in the face of that; but rather the author suffers even at the death of an old ewe (whose described ailments echo with incredible subtlety the devastation of COVID on human lungs) -- and then in a marvelous turn in the last stanza, they give us her leaping twin lambs and themself as a child, their mother young, their dog a pup again, the life-long mortal seesaw of sorrow and joy. I must also point out the seeming effortlessness of the narrative flow (which we all know is NEVER effortless), and the precise and vivid images -- the dog's death as being like a branch "broken off at the graft" --- dog and child part of one body, now severed -- the "snap string hay" the ewe's "last fleece/ tattered at her shoulder/ like the torn-away sleeve/ of a mendicant's coat". — B.J. Buckley (Contest Judge)


Poetry Contest Deadline May 31, 2021

Enter The Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Contest 2021 This year the ACM contest features a single prize of $1,000.00 (there may be some honorable mentions, but only one winner). The contest starts on April 1 and ends on May 31, 2021. 3 poems of any theme, no longer than 100 lines each. There is a $15 non-refundable fee. Submit your poems to and click here to pay the entry fee. To send a check, make it out to Lummox Productions and mail to: Lummox at 3127 E. 6th Street; Long Beach, CA 90814 USA. The winner will be announced via Email. Subscribe to the site to be notified. GOOD LUCK. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS! News Update: there'll be [...]


B.J. Buckley Bio

Lummox Press welcomes poet and educator B.J. Buckley to the Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Contest. As judge she brings a wealth of experience with her, so you better send her your best! B.J. Buckley is a Montana poet and writer who has worked in Arts-in-Schools programs throughout the west for over 40 years. Her prizes and awards include a Wyoming Arts Council Literature Fellowship; The Cumberland Poetry Review's Robert Penn Warren Narrative Poetry Prize; the New York-based Poets & Writers “Writers Exchange Award” in Poetry; the Rita Dove Poetry Prize from the Center for Women Writers at Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC; and the Joy Harjo Prize from CutThroat: A Journal of Arts and Literature; the Winning Writers award for formal poetry, and [...]


Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Prize

Winners 2022 Angela Mankiewicz Poetry Contest CONGRATULATIONS TO SAMUEL SAMBA, WAYNE LEE, GRACE CAVALIERI AND OJO TAIYE (first, second, third and fourth place respectively). Read the Winning Poems - Click here ABOUT ANGELA: Angela (1944 – 2017) was born in Brooklyn, NY, but later moved to the west coast. She was fortunate to be able to devote two-thirds of her life to her true loves: poetry and theater. She authored hundreds of published poems and four poetry chapbooks, Cancer Poems, An Eye, Wired and As If and a recorded children's story, The Grummel Tales. She was twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize in poetry. She also wrote a play that later became the libretto for "One Day Less," [...]



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