Lummox 4



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ISBN 9781020878529
224 pages, 8 X 10 Perfect Bound

This is the fourth Lummox Poetry Anthology.


Like the previous issues, this Lummox contains a lot of poetry (one hundred and sixty eight poems to be exact); plus three interviews, one by heavy hitter Scott Wannberg, the late, great Los Angeles poet; Philip Levine, the former U.S. poet laureate, late of planet earth and interviewed by Grace Cavalieri and AIDS Activist and poet, Ron Alexander; plus essays by James Deahl (he tackles the Canadian poem), Norman Olson writes about art, Diane Klammer approaches therapy via the poem, Frank Kearns writes about the arts in Downey and Jonathon Church shares his recollections of his dad, poet Dave Church; plus reviews by Nancy Shiffrin and Raindog. There’s also a lot of photos by Canadians Ken Stange, Lynn Tait and Richard M. Grove, by Long Beach shutter bug Jackie Joice, by the vixon of DTLA Alexis Fancher-Rhone, Collages by Steve Dalachinsky and other found art by Raindog. The cover image comes from Patti Sullivan. And last but not least, The View from Down Here by the publisher and editor-in-chief, RD Armstrong.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the PATRONS without whom it would have been a lot harder to do this 5 month long job. They are: Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Michael Meloan, Drs. Tom Brod and Stacy Berlin, Georgia Cox, Rolland Vasin, Bill Craychee, Bill Gainer, Frank Kearns, Dr. Rick Smith, Alan Catlin and Ron Koertge. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

The winner of this year’s Lummox Poetry Prize is H. Marie Aragon for her poem, The Dark and Light Side of the Moon. The PRIZE is 40 copies of a chapbook (When Desert Willows Speak, Lummox Press 2015) plus $250. You can view here chapbook here and order it here.

The runners up are Nancy Shiffrin and Cynthia Stewart. Their poems appear in the middle of Lummox 4 in a special featurette, along with H. Marie Aragon.

treeHere’s a list of the poets in this issue:
Mike Adams, Ron Alexander, Jeffrey Alfier, Tobi Alfier, Matt Amott, H. Marie Aragon, RD Armstrong, Alisha Attella, Babala, Bettina Barrett, John Bennett, Linda Benninghoff, Jay Blommer, Chris Bodor, Brenton Booth, Heather Boyd, John Brantingham, Lynne Bronstein, Ronnie R. Brown, B. J. Buckley, Wayne Burke, Calokie, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Pris Campbell, John Casquarelli, Alan Catlin, Grace Cavalieri, Maura Cavell, Patricia Cherin, John Church, Todd Cirillo, Wanda Clevenger, Mitch Cohen, Ed Coletti, Larry Colker. Sharyl Collin, Blair Cooper, Bill Craychee, Ann Curran, Steve Dalachinsky, James Deahl, Diane Dehler, Liz Dolan, Trista Dominqu, William Doreski, John Dorsey, Doug Draime, Inna Dulchevsky, Gail S. Eisen, Michael Enevoldsen, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Joseph Farley, Joseph Farnia, Venera Fazio, Jennifer Foster, Bill Gainer, Jerry Garcia, Joe Gardner,Dalchinsky-skeleton John Gardiner, Nancy Gauquier, Katherine L. Gordon, Richard Grove, Steven Gulvezan, Ryan Guth, Sam Hamill, Katherine Hamilton, Clarinda Harriss, Mark Hartenbach, David Haskins, Dianna Henning, Debbie Okun Hill, M. J. Iuppa, Ellen S. Jaffe, Larry Jaffe, Ed Jamieson, Jr., George Q. Johnson Jr., Jackie Joice, Frank Kearns, Lalo Kikiriki, Jan King, Diane Klammer, Ronald Koertge, Laurie Kolp, Laura Munoz-Larbig, Donna Langevin, Hiram Larew, Kyle Laws, Marie Lecrivain, John B. Lee, Linda Lerner, Donald Lev, Bernice Lever, Philip Levine, Madeline Levy, Lyn Lifshin, Jane Lipman, Norma West Linder, Ellaraine Lockie, Gerald Locklin, Philomene Long, Jeffrey Longo, Radomir Luza, John Macker, Adrian Manning, Rhonda Melanson, Michael Meloan, Basia Miller, Joe Milosch, Tony Moffeit, Bill Mohr, Deborah Morrison, Linda Neal, Sheryl L. Nelms, Robbi Nester, Liz Netto, Ben Newell, normal, Terrance Oberst, Suzanne O’Connell, Norman Olson, Al Ortolani, Carl “Papa” Palmer, Lorine Parks, Michael Paul, Tim Peeler, Richard King Perkins II, Jeannine Pitas, Valli Poole, David Proskauer, Ester Prudlo, Cynthia Quevedo, Amelia Raymond, Judith R. Robinson, Justin Rogers, Dave Roskos, Mary Kay Rummel, mousetrap-joiceC.C. Russell, Patricia L. Scruggs, Eric Paul Shaffer, Nancy Shiffrin, Linda Singer, Arnold Skemer, Judith Skillman, Jerry Smaldone, Rick Smith, Mike Sonksen, Gregory Spencer, Ken Stange, Winnie Star, Roseanne Sterne, Cynthia Stewart, Kevin Patrick Sullivan, Patti Sullivan, Paul Suntup, John Sweet, Phil Taggert, Lynne Tait, H. Lamar Thomas, John Thomas, Jeri Thompson, Tim Tipton, Judith Toler, Julie Valin, Rolland Vasin (Vachine), Alisa Velaj, Scott Wannberg, Charles Webb, Lawrence Welsh, Charles Wilkinson, Scott Wozniak, Kit Zak.


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