Submission Guidelines LUMMOX – 9 & the Contest

Cover of L8 by RD Armstrong of Long Beach, California USA


WHO: anyone; return “customers” are okay too; I want your best work, unpublished or previously published (just tell me when and by whom). Please make sure that you’ve proofed your submission! There are no “Take Backs”nor edits allowed once you’ve submitted your 3 poems. There is no theme for the 2020 issue as of yet.

WHAT: The 9th annual Lummox Poetry Anthology and/or The Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Contest. Each year I have put out a book the size of a small telephone book, containing poetry by at least 130 poets, micro-fiction, essays, reviews and art. Issues average 225 pages in an 8 by 10 inch format.

When: THE ONE MONTH long READING PERIOD STARTS ON APRIL 1, 2020 and ends April 30th! Please take note!

HOW MUCH: There is NO FEE for the 9th Lummox Poetry Anthology aka L 9 (pub. Sept. 2020)!!! The only fee you’ll pay is for the Poetry Contest, and that fee is $20 per entry. Please use the PayPal button below. Remember the Lummox Motto: GAME NOT FAME … (if you don’t have the chops, it doesn’t matter WHO you are)!


The LUMMOX poetry anthology and poetry contest offers a unique view into the Small Press/Underground Arts and Literary world. Its free ranging approach allows the reader access to poetry, poetics and art, from beginners to established…and serves as a source for inspiration. But one thing for sure, if you don’t have “Game” you might as well go home, because “Fame” means very little here… It’s the poem that matters, not who the poet is.  The Small Press may be a medium sized pond, but it’s teeming with life! I try to provide a “showcase” for as many of these talented folks as I can (usually 140 to 160).

This is the third year of the Angela C. Mankiewicz Poetry Prize which now awards $750 for first place, $200 for second place and $150 for third place (thanks to a generous gift in Angela’s name by her late husband, Richard). The winners and honorable mentions (if any) will be featured in a special section in LUMMOX 9.


Since there is no fee, please submit your 3 poems, 80 lines or less per poem (including spaces between sections) + a short bio (no more than 100 words) and your mailing address to:

I’m also looking for essays/articles (1500 – 2500 words and should cover some aspect of poetry or a poet biography… ask me); micro-fiction (500 words or less); reviews  (1000 words or less) and art (drawings, pen & ink, photos, paintings, collages — buy a copy of Lummox 8 for a better idea). I like my art on the moody side (it should be 300 dpi and work in a grey scale format).

HERE’S WHERE YOU ENTER THE Angela C. Mankiewicz Poetry Contest. And THIS is where you pay the fee: