Tamaracks – Canadian Poetry in the 21st-century

How to reserve a contributors copy of Tamaracks from Lummox Press:

Paying online via PayPal use the appropriate Pay Pal button below. There are 6 buttons… 

Paying by check/money order: Make it out to Lummox Productions, in the correct amount ($22 USD, for example) and send to Lummox c/o 3127 E. 6th St. Long Beach, CA 90814.

If you are getting one copy from James Deahl (at one of the readings, etc.), use this Pay Pal button to pay for one copy: $21 USD (free shipping).

If paying by check, make sure the amount is in USD and made out to Lummox Productions in the amount of $22 USD ($1 extra for processing) and sent to Lummox c/o 3127 E. 6th St. Long Beach, CA 90814.


If you want a contributor’s copy mailed directly to your home (Canada only), your price is $33 USD; by check = $34.



If you want to order multiple contributor copies 2 copies = $54 USD; 3 copies = $63 USD.
Paying by check/money order, please add $3 for 2 book price ($54+ $3 = $57 USD, etc).

multiple copies


BUTTON #4 Retail Canada or World (shipping included)
Canadian-Non-Contributors can reserve a copy for $48 USD (Canada only)…

multiple copies



#4 world price of one copy is $50 USD.


#4 USA price of one copy is $33 USD