ISBN 9781929878611
36 pages

By Joris Soeding

In Between the Places Where Night Falls unveils the first years of a relationship. These free verse poems journey through rural Michigan and the Pacific Northwest, eventually leading to the urban backdrops of Chicago, Dubuque, London, Sarasota, and Vancouver. Beauty and grit revolve around two people through a unique voice. — Joris Soeding

Something Like Paris

the doe teeters from Rosehill Cemetery
crossing Ravenswood Avenue
seeming lost on Mother’s Day, 8:15 a.m.
even fog and rain in the corner
this scene from a movie
except for the city as backdrop

you’re asleep in 14E
perhaps we’re above Roswell
the sky a bit too blue
babies silent since take-off
the gentleman in 8F with a mustache,
sunglasses atop his head, and blue shirt
seems distracted, sore, or both
the attendant hilarious
flight 1156 to Las Vegas
shifts for the first time
and you awaken, fearful