ISBN 978-1-929878-42-0
160 PAGES, 6 X 9, Trade Paperback

“When I was a child I believed in visions. Even as an adult I kept insisting the impossible was acceptable. A tiger was in my grandmother’s basement, the one I was fleeing from.

In D.R. Wagner’s collection, a reader wants to flee into his visions. Find that tiger. It is with the epitome of grace and magic that these poems align themselves with our inner kid, find such realities that only dream worlds can make true. Here darkness can be dazzling! The password is letting it happen. Wagner does this for us.” — Ann Menebroker, poet

“D.R. Wagner grinds a fine lens that reveals time, in all its bewildering mystery, as an ally, takes the fledged moment into his hands and breathes life into the stillborn. He can melt the barriers between heaven and earth with a turn of his eye, and perhaps, just perhaps, pull a car out of a ditch with a broken comb that he finds behind our left ear.” — T. L. Kryss, poet

Breaking and Entering Sampler