The reading period is open until May 15th.


Since this is the centennial year for the old man, Henry Charles Bukowski, Lummox is planning to put out the final last call collection (this would be #4). I’d like to get some newcomers as well as the old-timers to contribute.

So here’s the info:
Send 3 poems; which should be about Buk’s influence on you or because your style is similar to his (and by that I mean that your style is straight up, not frilly or pretentious, but honest and strong – like the work of William Taylor, Jr. for example). Poems should be no longer than 100 lines. Please make sure they have been proofed because once accepted, they can’t be changed!

Essays about Buk (his influence on you) are welcome (2500 words or less); flash fiction (500 words or less); short stories (3000 words or less) and reviews of your favorite Buk book (1500 words or less).

Also looking for artwork for  this volume. So let your imagination run free and let’s see what you got…All work must be 300 dpi and be suitable for gray scale presentation.

Send your submissions to .

There will also be a small reading fee, to cover mailing (USA only) and help offset the cost of creating the book, which will be 6 X 9 inches. The fee is $5, which you can pay using paypal or by check (see details below). The book will retail for $20. Author orders will be $15 (in case you want to share the wealth).



I’m looking for an August release date and hopefully the first reading will be at Venice, California’s Beyond Baroque. I’ll try to set up other dates, but I’ll be busy with the the final faze of putting together Lummox 9, as well.

To pay using credit/debit card, use the PayPal button below (please note that there are two options, the first being $5 – USA and the second being $15 USD – World). If you are paying by check, please address the check to Lummox Productions and send it to 3127 East 6th Street Long Beach, CA 90814; same prices apply.

Last Call