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LUMMOX #1 Poetry, Essays, Reviews, Interviews & Art edited by RD Armstrong (2012)

Out of the ashes of the old Lummox Journal rises a new, annual, poetry anthology. This first issue features over 160 poets from all over the world, Canada & the US. Guest Editors Georgia Santa Maria (ABQ, NM), Jane Lipman (Santa Fe, NM), Biola Olatunde (Nigeria), Don Kingfisher Campbell (San Gabriel Valley, CA), Doug Holder (Boston area), Ed Nudelman (Northeast Poets), Jaimes Palacio (OC poets), Jane Crown (International), Marie Lecrivain (LA Poets), Mike Adams (Colorado area) and Ryan Guth (Mid-South) represent their areas with gusto!

230 pages; 8 X 10; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-38-3

Retail Price $30
Special to Lummox Buyers $25


I See Hunger's Children Selected Poems by normal (2013)

"This is no tourist, no phony poetaster, Ginsberg riffer, Whitmamesque street boy, but an authentic voice of the street, the real street, singing a song as it was meant to be sung, in a time when such singing was possible...normal is the voice of the homeless, the victimized, the disaffected and the disturbed. These are poems born of the street, of the vagabond heart, the true restless American spirit that Whitman spoke of when he heard America singing. Too often, now, we hear of singing like the dolphins in an Eliot poem, who do not sing for us.  normal sings for us, that is, to the poet in us all and we should listen."  Alan Catlin

130 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-80-2

RETAIL PRICE: $15 (plus shipping)


her poetry by j/j hastain (2013)

"I wrote her to honor her (the pronoun, the ‘used to’ parts in me), to try and de-toggle something in me, to uphold a previous (yet very necessary) identity while making space in me for new pronouns, new identities. The future tense of the present houses the past in a sweet casing. I want to honor the her in me: the her in her stilettos and pencil skirts, the her who begins to become the land of the Australian outback (with dreadlocks and bare feet), the her that is less her and more something else with that shaved head and those boxers, pants sagging into a plethora of pronouns. All of these deserve honor because all of them are true: all of these are me."

j/j hastain

128 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-40-6

RETAIL PRICE: $15 (plus shipping)


5150 A Memoir Poems by Dana Allison Christensen (2013)

Suffering from BiPolar Disorder, rage, depression and a nearly successful suicide attempt, Dana shares the pressures that led her to the brink. This collection of poems and journal entries, written in a frank and, at times, brutally honest and heart-rending manner, tells the tale of a young woman's struggle to survive the pressures of college life and her own destructive urges.

I found it to be a real eye-opener!

This is Dana's first publication.

142 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-39-0

RETAIL PRICE: $15 (plus shipping)



Crazy Bone Poems & Drawings by Billy Jones (2012)

"A unique American expatriate poet in Australian outback w/a soul as fine as a dingo dog & as big as the universe & as beautiful & wild as a Van Gogh sunflower"

-- Fred Voss, poet


This is the first American Release by the late Billy Jones, who passed away during the assembly process of this book. It was a sad loss for those who knew him, but it is hoped that this book will bring a new audience to Billy's unique outsider art and poetry. 

168 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-

Retail Price $15  



Because...Just Because by Philip Ramp (2012)

I don’t take the poetry personally; it comes from me, of course, but it has its own agenda and my poems often tell me things about myself I wouldn’t have imagined — or imagined I could imagine, to be more precise. And, indeed, often I’m not sure it really IS about me. In any case, the fact is, to be good, for me, the poem has to do that. Surprise me in some way; make me consider the “me” it’s coming from is unknowable to ME, as Philip Ramp, or anyone else for that matter in any other way other than poetry…

From the introduction by Philip Ramp

136 pages; 7.5 X 9.25; Trade Paper

Retail Price $15




The Names of Lost Things by Jason Hardung (2012)

Jason Hardung's work is incredibly powerful, intensely poignant and fiercely beautiful, leaping off the page with deep honesty and grace, wearing the very human continent of vulnerability like a map, like a treasure.  -- Ellyn Maybe, poet

The Names of Lost Things is pure Hardung.  A coming of age poetic journey outlines the making of a poet showing the passion and pain that is in all of us.  On a deserted island—this would be the book. -- Scot Young, Editor of Rusty Truck

162 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-81-9

Retail Price $15



IF IT WE by Lisa Zaran (2012)

With Lisa’s poems one is given a view into, her loss of innocence, the bruising of a mother’s love that is betrayed, feelings of defeat, sobs consisting of dry tears, hopes and hopes dashed, and a special loving affinity for that bruised entity which is part of her, born of her, child of her loins. Lisa has been able to continue to love and care, regardless of the pain her son has caused her, this is a strength rarely found.

James Piatt, Ed. D.

104 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-82-6

Retail Price $15

The Instrument of Others by Leonard J. Cirino (2012)

When I think of the poetry of Leonard Cirino, I think of Robert Frost and Robinson Jeffers. When I think of the poetry of Leonard Cirino, I think of dignity and integrity. He knows madness up close, and he knows discipline and seclusion, as well as love and tenderness. He is devoid of self-pity, looks death square in the eye, and writes of nature, the cosmos and his dog with equal authority.

He is a classical poet in a world gone mad with idiom.

John Bennett

120 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-33-8

Retail Price $15

Strong as Silk by Brigit Truex (2012)

Strong As Silk is based on actual events that played out barely 20 years past the discovery of gold. Set in the rugged and remote Sierra foothills of California, it is the universal story of “stranger in a strange land,” without reference to the specifics of place or time. Instead, it blends imagination with inference. Both created journal entries and traditional Japanese poetic forms are used to give insight into the daily dramas, large and small,. The Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony has been compared to the early settlements of Plymouth and Jamestown in the Eastern United States, where optimistic and determined newcomers faced immense challenges in bringing their dreams to reality. Each lasted but a short time, but their impacts echo still. Within the historic time-markers of “start” and “end” lie stories of hope, conflict, loyalty and success, all elements of this varied and moving collection.
Available from Small Press Distribution

138 pages; 8.25 X 8.25; Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-83-3

Retail Price $15



Last Call: the Bukowski Legacy Continues
edited by RD Armstrong (2011)

A lot of people don’t understand the premise of this book. They want to know why there isn’t any Bukowski in a book about Bukowski. Well, that’s just it…it isn’t about Bukowski, it’s about the influence of Bukowski on a generation of writers who followed him into the trenches to write in their own particular style. Before Bukowski became famous, when he was just another schmuck writing the not-so-great American novel, he was like so many other writers; living with his dreams and enjoying the fruits of his low-life, with no discernable future, hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck (the writing more of a distraction than a way out)…In this book I have attempted, to showcase a number of writers whose work shows the influence, though not necessarily in style or form, but in the feelings that their pieces (especially true of poetry) evoke in the reader…

156 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper

Retail Price $18

Born To Be Blue by Tony Moffeit (2011)

“I never tire of reading Tony Moffeit's poems - they always haunt, pull me back.  I never read them just once.  The rhythms, the dusky hotel rooms, the music, the wind ghosts and coyotes are so often tight, stunning, strong, electric. You can taste, feel, smell the darkness of adobe huts, the pinon, feel landscapes in the rearview mirror.  I love the mix of what is colloquial and magically strange, of what's water-clear honed with visions, stars and voodoo.”   Lyn Lifshin


100 pages, 6X9, Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-85-7

For more information, including how to order, go here.

Retail Price $15


The Accidental Navigator by Henry Denander (2011)

His poems have the warmth, good humor, and eye for the telling detail of the best correspondence; those letters we save in some place or other because they are too beautiful and necessary to lose. 

Tom Kryss from the introduction…

"These are quite simply great poems."

Gerald Locklin

130 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-88-8

To place an order, go here
Retail Price $15

Catalina by Laurie Soriano (2011)

This book does all the things that great poetry is supposed to do;  touch, challenge, inspire, activate the mind's eye, make happy and make sad.  And there's the added element of having a cohesive, cumulative work that functions as a captivating, dream-like autobiography (or concept album?).

Jeff Duncan


112 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper

To order a signed copy, go here.

Retail Price $15

Also Available via Small Press Distribution


What Looks Like an Elephant by Edward Nudelman (2011)

Few poets can steer between generosity and insight or aphorism and wonder with ease, but Edward Nudelman's book is one of those rare books. He makes the intangible tangible. He turns afterthought into deep thought. Above all, he unpacks certainties into reasonable doubts. This is a keen book and a special one. 

David Biespiel


116 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper

To place an order, go here.

Retail Price $15

Also Available via Small Press Distribution

Working the Wreckage of the American Poem
edited by RD Armstrong (2011) 20% OFF!

In March of 2010, Todd Moore (poet, essayist & co-founder of the Outlaw School of Poetry) was suddenly taken away from us. I remember standing on 4th St., in traffic, trying to digest the message I received from his son, saying that Todd was gone...

This anthology attempts to represent the effect that Todd's writing & general philosophy of life had on numerous writers in the Small Press. It is merely the tip of the iceberg. Here's who contributed: Michael Adams, RD Armstrong, Captain Barefoot, Miles J. Bell (UK), E. R. Biggs, Gary Brower, Harry Calhoun, Alan Catlin, John Dorsey, Hugh Fox, Nelson Gary, S.A. Griffin, Elliott Gorn, Gary Goude, Dale Harris, Brent Leake, Father Luke, John Macker, Ann Menebroker, Tony Moffeit, Biola Olatunde (Nigeria), Niall O’Sullivan (UK), Joe Pachinko, David S. Pointer, Casey Quinn, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Ben Smith (OZ), Rick Smith, Joe Speer, Belinda Subraman, William Taylor Jr., Mark Weber, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Lawrence Welsh, Neal Wilgus, Don Winter, F. N. Wright, Anita L. Wynn, Scot Young.

Retail Price $15

176 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-93-2

Dog Whistle Politics by Michael Paul (2011)

Good poetry changes the heart. Michael Paul’s startling and wondrous lyricism not only rattles that old muscle – it lays down a new rhythm for it to beat to. If you do not know Michael’s work, I envy you this discovery. 

Patricia Smith

The significance of returning to the source is not something lost with Michael. He truly understands how to take the reader, moment by moment…to other places. Only then, when he brings you back, do you realize you’ve been transformed. Like the recurrence of the seasons, Michael’s work draws a complete circle. 

Carole Luther

Retail price $15

122 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-94-9


Whose Cries Are Not Music by Linda Benninghoff (2011)

Linda Bennninghoff is scrupulously attentive to the underpinnings of living one’s life, whether she’s watching gulls filling the empty sky like numberless dreams (“Gulls”) or capturing the isolation and tenuous connections of relationships, to absorb the many facets of the human condition and give it back to the world with lyric precision. Her work runs wide and deep.

Barbara Southard

"This has a more open-eyed, careful, unforced feeling to it. It is stunning sometimes how Linda's poems achieve their flavor without a lot of complicated verbiage or reference to other works." - from the introduction by Jim Knowles 

Retail price $15

108 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-929878-95-6


Ginger, Lily & Sweet Fire - A Romance with Food by H. Lamar Thomas (2010) 20% OFF!

"You can always count on Chef Lamar Thomas when it comes to assembling recipes using fresh sustainable seafood. His passion and respect for the sea shines through every dish he prepares, making him an integral part in the fight to protect our oceans from depletion."

- James O. Fraioli, award-winning culinary author

It's a brave new world and Lummox Press is broadening its usual scope to bring you this collection of mouth-watering recipes by Chef & poet H. Lamar Thomas.

Retail price $25

258 pages, 8 X 10, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-28-4


E/OR - Living Amongst the Mangled by RD Armstrong

"Working from the sweat of life, Armstrong is a talent that plants itself in your mind with his rough-and-ready voice of delicate lyric and refined narrative."

B.L. Kennedy

For the past two years, RD has been learning the ropes of the L.A. County Health Care System. In this, his fifth volume (in this series) he combines poetry and creative non-fiction to shed some light on the wonders and horrors of being poor and alive in the American nightmare. Told with unflinching candor and softened with a wicked sense of irony, Armstrong takes the reader into his world... hang on to your visitor's pass!


186 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-30-7

A Love Letter to Darwin by Jane Crown (2010) 20% OFF!

"The poems in A Love Letter To Darwin take the reader deep into their lyrical world with teasing language and seduction of the intellect."  B. L. Kennedy


150 pages, 8.25 X 6, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-21-5

Hard Landing by Rick Smith (2010)

 “The wren lends itself to ethical and etymological inquiry, the poet says. This new collection embodies an expansive, precise, obdurate rhythm, a generous wisdom and tender vision.
This is the mature Rick Smith, delving deeper into what is smaller.” 
Vicki Lindner (from the introduction)


106 pages, 6 X 9, Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-



Steel Valley - Poems and Prose by Michael Adams (2010)

"Steel Valley is Edgar Lee Master’s Spoon River Anthology on steroids, mega-steroids, moved forward into the 21st century with all the love and pain and remorseless human dignity in the face of our crumbling institutions you can ever imagine."

Jared Smith (from a review published in Small Press Review, July 2010)


144 pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper



Modest Aspirations - Poems by Gerald Locklin ~ Stories by Beth Wilson (2010) 20% OFF!

“The Oxford Companion to Twentieth Century Literature in English acknowledges that Gerald Locklin is ‘a central figure in the vitality of Los Angeles writing.’  That sentence may actually understate his importance.”  Gerald Haslam


146 Pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-08-6


Drive By - Shards & Poems by John Bennett (2010) 20% OFF!

"Bennett is a remarkable writer, ferocious in his intent and startlingly poetic in much of his execution."  ~ SAN FRANCISCO REVIEW OF BOOKS


140 Pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-




New and Selected Poems by John Yamrus (2008) 20% OFF!

 “Two major qualities prevail in his recent work: economy and punch.  No word is unnecessary or out of place; the timing is impeccable; and, most difficult of all, the endings hit just the right balance of summation, revelation, and surprise.” Gerald Locklin


136 Pages; 6 X 9; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-00-0




Sea Trails by Pris Campbell (2009) 20% OFF!

"In a skillful blending of prose and poetry Campbell shares her exciting passage down the east coast from Boston to Florida in a 22 foot sailing sloop. An intimate window on a difficult romantic relationship with her sailing partner, combined with vivid descriptions of adventures at sea and in port, this book will leave you longing to set sail with this able sailor at the helm."

Margie Stevenson, PhD., Psychologist


100 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-


Down This Crooked Road edited by RD Armstrong & William Taylor Jr.
20% OFF!

A unique collection of poems by some of the best poets around, featuring the work of William Taylor Jr., Hosho McGreesh, Father Luke, Miles J. Bell, MK Chavez, Christopher Cunningham & Christopher Robin. 


156 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-03-1

The Riddle of the Wooden Gun by Todd Moore (2009) 20% OFF!

The last Dillinger section published before Todd's untimely death in March of 2010. A tour-de-force by this unsung hero of the "Outlaw Poetry" school, which he co-founded with Tony Moffeit. This also a perfect companion to Working the Wreckage of the American Poem.


144 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-01-7



The Long Way Home edited by RD Armstrong (2009) 20% OFF!

A sampler of the Little Red Book series from the first ten years, representing nearly all of the 59 titles in the series.


164 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-04-8

Fire and Rain 1 

Selected Poems 1993 - 2007 Vol. 1 by RD Armstrong (2008)

25% OFF!

"In this era of burgeoning social dysfunction, and its transitive residue on the person, through world, state, economics, religion, family, relationship and god knows whatever the hell else, autobiographical (not confessional) poetry is of paramount importance."  -- Steve Goldman

$20 - Sale Price $15!

208 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-96-3

Fire and Rain 2 

Selected Poems 1993 - 2007 Vol. 2 by RD Armstrong (2008)

25% OFF!

“For Armstrong the Blues are not played, but lived – his poems are the observations of a life lived raw.  He hides no sin, expects no redemption and asks no forgiveness...” – Bill Gainer (poet, editor, publisher)

$20 - Sale price $15!   

154 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-97-0

On/Off the Beaten Path by RD Armstrong (2008)

A Journey up the Coast; On/Off the Beaten Path & RoadKill - three long poems w/ illustrations by the author, detailing RD's impressions of roads less traveled on three epic trips taken in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

"In RD Armstrong's On/Off The Beaten Path, the poet attempts to engage the shamanic/archetypal through a sequence of events, feelings, fears, confrontations in an automobile on a journey from L.A. to Albuquerque."  John Macker


114 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-99-4

El Pagano and Other Twisted Tales by RD Armstrong (2008)

20% OFF!

Tales from the dark side of the street, this is the first major collection of short stories by RD Armstrong ever published. Chock full of  “noir” characters set in a “dime novel” world, including micro (flash) fiction from the Manx Tales, Art Fag (previously published in LAST CALL), and many other stories.  If the reader is a fan of Bukowski’s stories or the work of Jim Thompson, then El Pagano is a must read.

$18 - Sale price $15!

118 Pages; Perfect Bound; Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-1-929878-98-7


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