Title: Ginger, Lily & Sweet Fire - A Romance with Food
y: H. Lamar Thomas
Genre: Cooking & Poetry, Trade Paper, 8X10 
Publisher: Lummox Press (PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301) www.lummoxpress.com
Pages: 258
ISBN: 978-1-929878-28-

Publishing Date: Late-December 2010

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"You can always count on Chef Lamar Thomas when it comes to assembling recipes using fresh sustainable seafood. His passion and respect for the sea shines through every dish he prepares, making him an integral part in the fight to protect our oceans from depletion."

- James O. Fraioli, award-winning culinary author

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*This is the cookbook in it's entirety with one exception, most photos are in color, whereas the hard copy is B & W.

See some of the dishes here

See a demo of one of the dishes prepared here

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To the love and the beauty in a life

devoted to making the ideal real

through poetry, food, and philosophy,

to making the real ideal

through a love of conversation,

dining, and the arts.

And most of all

to the woman of ginger scented skin,

who is forever rolling

and evolving, who embraces

the spiritual, and the sensual.

She who is many and is still one.


A couple of page shots from the book ...


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