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New and Selected Poems by John Yamrus (2008)

"...a blade made from smooth honest steel, with the sharpest of edges." Milner Place

 “Two major qualities prevail in his recent work: economy and punch.  No word is unnecessary or out of place; the timing is impeccable; and, most difficult of all, the endings hit just the right balance of summation, revelation, and surprise.” Gerald Locklin

$15  USA

$15  World



Sea Trails by Pris Campbell (2009)

"In a skillful blending of prose and poetry Campbell shares her exciting passage down the east coast from Boston to Florida in a 22 foot sailing sloop. An intimate window on a difficult romantic relationship with her sailing partner, combined with vivid descriptions of adventures at sea and in port, this book will leave you longing to set sail with this able sailor at the helm."

Margie Stevenson, PhD., Psychologist

$15  USA

$15  World


Down This Crooked Road edited by RD Armstrong & William Taylor Jr.  Poetry by Taylor, Christopher Robin, Hosho McCreesh, MK Chavez, Christopher Cunningham, Father Luke and Miles J. Bell. (2009)

"If Baudelaire taught us anything it was how to be walking urban voyeurs who couldn’t stop looking at everything from a crowded farmer’s market to a grungy crime scene where a bloody sock was all that was left of a murder.  DOWN THIS CROOKED ROAD is the perfect gift for any serious voyeur anywhere."  From a review by Todd Moore

$15  USA

$15  World

The Riddle of the Wooden Gun by Todd Moore (2009)

"Violent, raw and riddled with humor, in time, Todd Moore's .44 magnum opus Dillinger will take its place in the American literary canon as one of the greatest."  -- S.A. Griffin

"As a new installment in his 35-year-old Dillinger epic, Riddle is a first-rate romp into the heart and soul of the American dream.  It’s a dream that’s so close to actuality that it’s eerie in its portentousness and its real-life dramas.  But the wooden gun, which sometimes exists in reality, is also a ghost or spirit that no one can fully pin down." -- From a review by Lawrence Welsh

$15  USA

$15  World


The Long Way Home edited by RD Armstrong (2009)

The Little Red Book series features poetry/prose collections by these writers: RD Armstrong, Pris Campbell, Alan Catlin, Patricia Cherin, Leonard J. Cirino, Glenn Cooper, Rene Diedrich, Hugh Fox, Bill Gainer, Scott Holstad, Edward Jamieson Jr., Larry Jaffe, Marie Lecrivain, Frances LeMoine, Linda Lerner, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Philomene Long, Laura Joy Lustig, Errol Miller, Terry McCarty, Angela C. Mankiewicz, Todd Moore, Rebecca Morrison, BZ Niditch, normal, nila northSun, Rob Plath, Bill Shields, Rick Smith, Belinda Subraman, William Taylor Jr., John Thomas, Scott Wannberg, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Mark Weber, Lawrence Welsh, Harry R. Wilkens, Lindsay Wilson, AD Winans, and Anita Wynn.

$15  USA

$15  World

Fire and Rain -

Selected Poems 1993 - 2007 Vol. 1 by RD Armstrong (2008)

"In this era of burgeoning social dysfunction, and its transitive residue on the person, through world, state, economics, religion, family, relationship and god knows whatever the hell else, autobiographical (not confessional) poetry is of paramount importance. At its best, it bears personal Buy Valium witness to all these things, declares supporting solidarity with others, and in the spirit of hope, points to salvation. Read it for your troubled and alienated soul."  -- Steve Goldman 

$20  USA
$20  World


On/Off the Beaten Path by RD Armstrong (2008)

A Journey up the Coast; On/Off the Beaten Path & RoadKill - three long poems w/ illustrations by the author, detailing RD's impressions of roads less travelled on three epic trips taken in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

"Armstrong reveals deeper inner emotions. We become privy to an inner sanctum perhaps not normally used in his every day life. RD mentions friends and fellow poets by name, as if, by visiting and talking with them, they must be included as an intimate portion of his ongoing saga." From a review by Joyce Metzger

$15  USA

$15  World


El Pagano and Other Twisted Tales by RD Armstrong (2008)

Tales from the dark side of the street, this is the first major collection of short stories by RD Armstrong ever published. Chock full of  “noir” characters set in a “dime novel” world, including micro (flash) fiction from the Manx Tales, Art Fag (previously published in LAST CALL), and many other stories.  If the reader is a fan of Bukowski’s stories or the work of Jim Thompson, then El Pagano is a must read.

$18  USA
$18  World


The Little Red Book Series

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Last Call: the Legacy of Charles Bukowski edited by RD Armstrong ('04)

Poetry & Fiction by: CC Russell, G Hagen Hill, Rebecca Morrison, Jayne Lyn Stahl, Micheal Lefanto, Bretton Holmes, Doug Draime, Ron Lucas, Alan Catlin, SA Griffin, Scott Wannberg, Will Taylor Jr., Larry Tomoyasu, Michael Meloan, Dan Fante, Iam Rawkinrec, Gerald Locklin, Йј/span>ric Dejaeger, Issac Edwards, Joe Speer, Lindsay Wilson, Todd Jackson, Mark Terrill, Henry Denander, Linda Lerner, Jack Foley, Joy Buckley, Jay Alamares, Gerald Nicosia, Ed Jamieson Jr., Edward Field, Christopher Presfield, Charles Ries, Roger Lahu & RD Armstrong.  Essays by: Todd Moore, Will Taylor Jr., Charles Potts,  Frank Palmisano III, Ann Menebroker, Michael Basinski, Alex Thiltges, & William Morrison Illustrations by: Claudio Parentela, Henry Denander, Iam Rawkinrec.

           "Legacy might just as well be the way in which a writer plays the game, even against the odds.  Style figures in here just like style figures in the way a writer whips that line onto the page.  Style, in spite of the game, in spite of the winnings and the losses." From a review by Todd Moore

$15  USA
$15  World

A Little History

Lummox Press was created in 1994 by RD Armstrong.  It began as a DIY / self-publishing imprint for poetry by RD aka Raindog.  Several chapbooks were published and in late 1995 it began publishing the Lummox Journal, a monthly small/underground press lit-arts zine.  Available primarily by subscription, the LJ continued it’s exploration of the “creative process” until its demise as a print mag in 2006.

During its eleven year existence, this tiny mag with the big name, interviewed poets, musicians and artists (over 100 in all) about how they do what they do. Hundreds of poems were also published in its pages.  Poets like Todd Moore, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Holly Prado, L.A. Bogen, Linda Lerner, Scott Wannberg, Philomene Long, John Thomas and RD Armstrong, to name a few, appeared regularly within its pages. It was hailed as one of the best monthly’s in the small press.

In 1998, Lummox began publishing the Little Red Book series, and continues to do so today. To date (as of 2009) there are some 59 titles in the series.  

In 2008 the Lummox Press began publishing a series of perfect bound titles, starting with Fire and Rain, Vols. 1 & 2 by RD Armstrong. All are listed here.

Along with Chris Yeseta (Layout and Art Direction since 1997), RD continues to publish books that are both striking in their looks as well as their content… trying to produce the best books he can for his clients, the poets, and their customers, you, the reader.

Ask your independent bookstore to carry these titles, since Lummox prefers to deal with independent book stores including Powell’s of Portland, OR; The Book Collector of Sacramento, CA or Moe’s of Berkeley, CA. But these titles can also be ordered from Borders or Barnes and Noble or from Amazon.



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