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The Little Red Books - titles & comments


Pris Campbell - LRB 59


The Little Red Book series


From the most recent down, titles that are still in print:


LRB 59 Hesitant Commitments by Pris Campbell; 48 pages. One of my favorite collections in the series!

LRB 58 The Mysterious Woman Next Door by William Gainer; 56 pages. Engaging poems from the man who coined the term, "after hours poetry".

LRB 57 Whipped Cream and Sushi by nila northSun; 48 pages. New work by this talented Native-American poet.

LRB 56 I Saw it on TV by Terry McCarty; 36 pages. Topical pop culture vignettes.

LRB 55 As If by Angela C. Mankiewicz; 36 pages. Surviving cancer and it's effects on the immediate family.

LRB 54 The Hunger by RD Armstrong; 48 pages. Forbidden affairs from the old DOG himself.

LRB 53 Bare Feet, Broken Glass by Anita Wynn; 36 pages. A cautionary collection on domestic violence.

LRB 52 Tapping Ashes in the Dark by Rob Plath; 36 pages.

LRB 51 The Painter by Marie Lecrivain; 24 pages. A concept piece.

LRB 50 Digging my Own Grave and Enjoying the Work by Ed Jamieson, Jr.; 36 pages. Lummox Journal's erstwhile poetry editor's first collection of poesy.

LRB 49 Outrun Your Fate by Glenn Cooper; 36 pages. Poems about Australia's #1 criminal, Neddy Smith

LRB 48 The Barbie Poems Vol. 2 by Lyn Lifshin; 48 pages. Lifshin updates the Barbie myth -- and Barbie will never be the same!

LRB 47 The Barbie Poems Vol. 1 by Lyn Lifshin; 48 pages

LRB 46 L.A. Rhapsody by Larry Jaffe; 36 pages.

LRB 45 American Child by normal; 48 pages. Another tour-de-force from normal...reflections on the impact of 9-11-2001 on the American psyche.

LRB 44 Raining All Over by Rebecca Morrison; 48 pages. A woman wronged is NOT a thing of beauty and Rebecca will prove this to you.  Poems that make men weaken and women strong.

LRB 43 A Gathering Glance by Patricia Wellingham-Jones; 48 pages. 

LRB 42 Paper Heart #4 by Raindog; 48 pages.  “Love” poems from RD’s ongoing ‘field’ research.  Not for the faint of heart or pregnant women.

LRB 41 Poems of the Royal Concubine Li Xi by Leonard J. Cirino; 48 pages.  Cirino writes with such sympathy for his main character that one thinks this is a translation, rather than an original work.  Damn good!

LRB 40 Death & Transfiguration Cocktail by Alan Catlin; 48 pages.   The third in Catlin’s Killer Cocktail series, in which he draws from his experiences as a bartender to create the portraits in this collection.  Intoxicating.

LRB 39 Piss Talks by Harry R. Wilkens; 48 pages.  Harry knows what he’s talking about.  This book tells it like it is over in Europe.  Almost banned in Switzerland.

LRB 38 bakersfield 99 by Lindsay Wilson; 56 pages.  A road north out of a Central Valley town…Wilson details a change of locations as well as perception in this long poem.

LRB 37 Late Night in the Psych Ward by Belinda Subraman; 48 pages.  Two weeks in the life of a psych nurse working the graveyard shift.

LRB 36 New Shouts at Broken Dreams by Lawrence Welsh; 48 pages.  The poet lariat of El Paso, Texas takes on the Texas Way, from gas wells to the royalty of Odessa.

LRB 34 & 35 The Queen of Bohemia & Cold Eye Burning by Philomene Long, Venice, CA beat poet & documentarian, Long – the widow of John Thomas – tells it like it was in this special two-volume set.

LRB 33 Familiarities by Patricia Cherin & Gerald Locklin; 48 pages.  Poetry about hearth and home, kith and kin from this pair of gifted writers.

LRB 31 Feeding the Animal by John Thomas (Lummox of the Year 2001); 52 pages. The late, great Poet of Venice Beach portrays his life in this, the last collection of poetry before his death, that is both touching and caustic!

LRB 28 Lost Highway – A Blues poetry collection by 15 poets; 48 pages. A powerful mixture of good whiskey & bad men.

LRB 27 On/Off the Beaten Path by RD Armstrong; 48 pages.  A poem about New Mexico, driving, duende, ghosts & discovery.

LRB 26 Bombed in New Mexico by Todd Moore & Mark Weber; 48 pages.  Moore’s short, staccato poems are written with a Thompson, while Weber lazily meanders through a smorgasbord of tasty ideas.  

LRB 24 Apollo's Motorcycle by Frank Lonabaugh; 48 pages. Gayer than a $3 bill.

LRB 23 Blue Collar Work by Errol Miller; 48 pages.  This good, old boy favors you with a workingman’s portfolio of past deeds.

LRB 20 The Corpse Is Dreaming by Todd Moore; 48 pages.  “A phantom language of death & love & the dark kiss rising.” - Tony Moffeit, poet & reviewer. (

LRB 19 No Earthly Sense Gets It Right by Linda Lerner; 56 pages.  One poet’s examination of the trauma of losing connection with one’s parents.

LRB 17 ME by Hugh/Connie Fox; 48 pages.  A transgender-blending nightmare.

LRB 16 Maytag Heights by various poets; 48 pages. A fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity, Long Beach, CA

LRB 15 Blood on the Floor by normal; 56 pages.  Normal’s first-ever collection, powerful & compelling poetry from this longtime Jazz poet. 

LRB 14 Any Abyss Will Do by William Taylor Jr.; 56 pages.  The poet is black where it counts…in his clothing as well as his soul. 

LRB 13 Hang Gliding On X by Scott C. Holstad; 48 pages.  A cautionary set of poems detailing how not to deal with the LAPD.

LRB 12 The Inside-Out World of BZ Niditch; 48 pages.  It’s crazy!

LRB 10 Journey Up The Coast by RD Armstrong; 48 pages. A trip made to SanFran back in ’99 to visit friends and family, frames this long poem. The poem that started ‘em all!  

LRB 8 Eyes Like Mingus - A Jazz poetry anthology; 46 pages. 12 poets riff on various musicians such as Ella and Miles and Mingus.

LRB 7 Apology to the Idiots by Laura Joy Lustig; 48 pages.  Lustig holds nothing back in this tour-de-force lambasting of the male sector.

LRB 6 Scar Tissue by A.D. Winans; 48 pages.  A scathing examination of the poet’s family life and an unflinching look at the loss of his parents.

LRB 4 Bone by Todd Moore & RD Armstrong; 48 pages.


What people think about the Little Red Books...

“[On/Off the Beaten Path] is a wonderful companion volume to A Journey Up the Coast illustrating this poet's agile descriptive and narrative powers.” -- Tim Scannell (reviewed in The Bent, Fall of 2000)


“The poetry (Paper Heart 3) offers Raindog's unique take on romance and love. Without sounding sappy or jaded, he combs the depths of love and affection, detailing not only the absolute elation it can bring, but also the dysfunctional characteristics that tend to seep through the cracks.” - Holly Matter Gallery Press Release


’The Manx Tales by RD Armstrong... 15 semi-autobiographical tales of urban alienation & isolation - very internal, very intense. Plenty of ironic humor, & wry sex.” -- John Berbrich (From The Marrow, #5, March 2000)


“The Wren Notebook is first-class in all respects, Rick Smith. It is truly an original sequence, and the design, illustration, layout, and printing palpably enhance the words.” - Gerald Locklin, Poet and retired Professor (CSULB)


“Bought the jazz anthology [Eyes Like Mingus]...I was blown away. Particularly by “Zoot”; I find myself going back to read that over and over again.” -- Mike Grover, citizen & small press consumer.


“If you're into sexual confusion, cross-gender experience, physical decay, & ecstasies of joy & agony, then [ME] is the book for you. I guarantee that some of these poems will deliver you to the darkest, most distant places possible.” - John Berbrich (From the Marrow #12)


 “[Equal Opportunity SledgeHammer] celebrates the yes-ness of the moment, whatever the despair of the times.” - G. Murray Thomas, SIC Magazine


“[A Journey Up The Coast]... is reminiscent of the best road poem of all - Song of Myself.” - Todd Moore, Poet & semi-retired BADASS


“Scar Tissue is [A. D.] Winans at his least guarded.” - Hugh Fox, poet & reviewer


“Bill Shields' Meat concentrated and powerful as a shot glass of bleach.” - Rod Sperry, reviewer


Normal's poems [Blood On the Floor]...stimulate conversations of the shadow, the skeleton, and the north wind.” - David Johansen AKA Buster Poindexter


“If you think you know A.D. Winans'  work [Scar Tissue], think again!”

- Joyce Metzger, Editor, CER*BER*US


“Bukowski emerges from the pages of this book as a powerful figure of genius. A crude, funny, outrageous, unpredictable, human is painted by [A. D.] Winans...” - John Berbrich, Editor, From the Marrow (Remembering Bukowski)


“I enjoyed reading El Pagano. Still producing tough, sharp and emotional material. Good job man.” - Alex Thiltges, Bukowski Scholar and Teacher


“Kudos to a reasonable, aware chapbook press!” - Tim Scannell, retired reviewer and poetry gadfly


“The Little Red Book Series you've got going gets a thumbs-up from us here [at ARTMAG] and features good poets.” - Peter Magliocco, The Mag Man


“I'm particularly impressed with 'Any Abyss Will Do' by Will Taylor. I was previously unacquainted with Taylor's work and regard this little book as a revelation.” - John Berbrich, for The Synergyst


Maytag Heights (LRB 16) is a winner. [Poems] about homelessness & what it feels like to be homeless” - William Hart, Poet & Author



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