A fundraiser to help RD Armstrong (Lummox Press) raise money to improve his transportation situation, thus making it easier to bring poetry and new ideas to a wider audience across the western United States.

 Last October, while I was traveling the highways and byways  of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona (see two poets go for a drive) I had an epiphany. For years I had been selling poetry at readings a few books at a time, but never with as much success as on this trip. I realized that people outside of the great metropolitan cities of the west coast are hungry for poetry and the new ideas being explored by Lummox Press. I also realized that I had to be a salesman...that my product line were the books in the Lummox catalog and if I was to succeed, I had to reach out to all the communities along the way, not just the "big" towns.  The books I (Lummox Press) choose to publish are not based on "name" but on the quality of the poetry. I don't believe that who the poet is should matter, so long as their poetry is good! And I want to share that poetry with as many people as I can. To literally spread the "word".

To do that I need a car. Not the wreck I'm currently driving (I'm afraid to drive it out of the city limits - which means I seldom drive it across town to other readings - L.A. is dotted with them).

So what I propose to do is get a better car, one that gets decent gas mileage, maybe even one that's only 10-15 years old, unlike my Pontiac "beater" (24 years old and in pretty bad shape - $900 doesn't buy much anymore). I'd like to get a Nissan or a Honda...

I figure I need to raise around $2500. I'll do it by selling stuff (see the Garage sale) and offering special deals on poetry books
from the Lummox Press catalog. I'll also be accepting donations HERE (see the DONATE button below), as well as, doing an IndieGoGo fundraiser and am accepting donations of at least $5... There are over 700 people on the Lummox mailing list. If everyone kicks in as little as $3 each, I will have made my goal (and then some) and this will have been a success.

Check out the various items for sale here  and here.

Or simply donate.