Lummox Press was created in 1994 by RD Armstrong.  It began as a DIY / self-publishing imprint for poetry by RD aka Raindog.  Several chapbooks were published and in late 1995 it began publishing the Lummox Journal, a monthly small/underground press lit-arts zine.  Available primarily by subscription, the LJ continued it’s exploration of the “creative process” until its demise as a print mag in 2006.

During its eleven year existence, this tiny mag with the big name, interviewed poets, musicians and artists (over 100 in all) about how they do what they do. Hundreds of poems were also published in its pages.  Poets like Todd Moore, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Holly Prado, L.A. Bogen, Linda Lerner, Scott Wannberg, Philomene Long, John Thomas and RD Armstrong, to name a few, appeared regularly within its pages. It was hailed as one of the best monthly’s in the small press, by both Todd Moore and reviewer John Berbrich.

In 1998, Lummox began publishing the Little Red Book series, and continued into 2011. During that time, 60 titles were published. There may be more LRBs on the horizon, but for now, RD is taking a break from them. Over the years the series included Lyn Lifshin, Todd Moore, Gerald Locklin, Linda Lerner, normal, Scott Wannberg, Philomene Long, John Thomas, Bill Gainer, Todd Cirrilo, Leonard Cirino, Rebecca Morrison, A.D. Winans, B. Z. Niditch, Mark Weber, Bill Shields, Will Taylor, Jr., Hugh Fox, Lawrence Welsh, Alan Catlin, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Nila NorthSun, Rob Plath and RD Armstrong. A good way to sample nearly all of the LRBs is to buy a copy of The Long Way Home (published on the 10th anniversary of the series). Buy it here.  


In 2008 the Lummox Press began publishing a series of perfect bound titles, starting with Fire and Rain, Vols. 1 & 2 by RD Armstrong. There are now 27 titles in this series. Most are Trade Paperbacks (6X9)All are listed here.


Over the years, RD has come to know hundreds of poets and their fans. He thinks that there is a very strong connection between the struggles of the writers of poetry and the rest of the country (beyond mere lip-service). He sees his job as being two-fold: first, as a poet, his job is "to observe and report" (let the public judge the importance of my observations); and secondly, as a publisher, to give the reading public the best "bang" for their buck. In other words, give them poetry that is thought-provoking, and that is presented in a book that is both striking in appearance and is laid out with care (Lummox gives the author, and their words, the respect they deserve).


Together with Chris Yeseta (Layout and Art Direction since 1997), RD continues to publish books that are both striking in their looks as well as their content…published because of the merit of the work, not the fame of the author. That’s why there are so many first full-length collections in the CATALOG.  


Buy direct from Lummox Press; or ask your independent bookstore to carry these titles, stores such as Powell’s of Portland, OR; The Book Collector of Sacramento, CA or Moe’s of Berkeley, CA. These titles can also be ordered from  Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Most are available as E-books too (only at Lummox).