RD Armstrong reads poems at Mari's Wine Bar, Downey, CA March 15, 2012

What They Want by Charles Bukowski

The Trouble with Jane by RD Armstrong

Style by Bukowski

Slow Reader by RD Armstrong

Rusty by RD Armstrong

Poetics by RD Armstrong (from the book Last Call: The Bukowski Legacy Continues)

Pill for Everything by RD Armstrong

Last Call Poems by G. Murray Thomas & Pris Campbell

Insignificance by RD Armstrong

Empty Bucket by RD Armstrong

Dr. Bukowski’s Monster by John Dorsey (from Last Call)

Beer by Bukowski

Advice to the Young by RD Armstrong

About Cranes by Bukowski


Lummox Press Poetry Tour in
Colorado, New Mexico & Arizona Oct. 24th thru Nov. 6th

NORWOOD, Colorado 

BOULDER, Colorado

John Macker in Boulder, CO 10-27-11

Mike Adams in Boulder, CO 10-27-11

Tony Moffeit in Boulder, CO 10-27-11

Art Goodtimes in Boulder, CO

DENVER, Colorado

John Macker Part 2 in Denver 10-28-11

Mike Adams part 1 in Denver 10-28-11

Mike Adams part 2 in Denver 10-28-11

GMT in Denver 10-28-11

PUEBLO, Colorado


G. Murray Thomas – Where I Come From

G. Murray Thomas – My Kidney

G. Murray Thomas – My Typewriter

G. Murray Thomas – Cows on the Freeway

Recorded at The Black Bird Buvette, Nov. 2, 2012

 LAS VEGAS, New Mexico

Tony Moffeit : Rattlesnake Mojo
Recorded at Macker’s Roadhouse, Las Vegas, NM Nov. 3, 2011

Tony Moffeit: Stones in my pocket
Recorded at The Daily Grind, Pueblo, CO Oct. 31, 2011


Misc. Book Related videos

Ginger Lily & Sweet Fire “wrap up”
Recorded at Gatsby Books, Long Beach, CA Feb. 14, 2012

Rick Smith Reading at Flintridge Books, Flintridge, CA Feb. 19, 2012

Rick Smith plays Cantalope Island:

 Rick Smith introduces Hard Landing:

 Rick Smith: To the Harmonica Players