Submission Guidelines

Lummox Press publishes a chapbook series called the Little Red Books (4.25 X 5.5 inches in size and usually 36 to 48 pages long). In addition to this, I also publish full sized trade paperbacks (6 X 9 inches, w/ glossy, four color covers, averaging from 106 to 200 pages long). Visit the catalog for examples. I am also publishing a magazine called LUMMOX. It will come out once a year. Click on the link for submissions, as well as, ordering info.

Most books I publish are by invitation only. However, that said, I am willing to look at unsolicited manuscripts, especially for first full-length collections. If you would like to submit a manuscript, please follow these rules:

1) The reading period for unsolicited manuscripts is from July 1 through August 31.

2) It's always a good idea to check out some of the titles I have published by purchasing one of the books. If you are interested in the Little Red Book series, I recommend the book The Long Way Home which contains samples of over 50 LRBs published in a ten year period. You can buy an E-book version for $6 (scroll down towards the bottom of the catalog).

3) Then send an email to me, RD Armstrong, outlining your project. I will respond and ask for 3 - 5 poems. Pick your strongest work. PLEASE remember that I only accept about 10% of submissions and if you can't handle being rejected...

4) If I do accept your mss for publication, I will explain to you how the process works at that time.

Long Live the Small Press!!!!