The Lummox Garage Sale

Way back in 1994, right after Bukowski kicked the bucket, Andrea Kowalski (of Vinegar Hill Press) and I put together a limited edition T-shirt
to pay for flowers on his grave. Well, these are the last of those shirts. Sorry, just Mediums and a few Smalls
(I have a couple of well worn XLs too, but...); Hanes Beefy Tees and 100% cotton.

$12 - USA only!

Every shirt has the drawing by Buk on the front and the quote on the back


$12 - USA only!
While supplies last...

I had a blues band back in the early 90s...guess what it was called?

  $12 USA

Art Work by Steve Armstrong (pre Raindog)

If you're interested in one of these paintings/drawings below please email me with an offer, but keep it real please, most of these pictures are near and dear to my heart and I'm only putting them up so I can get out of this hole I've been in
ever since the 'economic downturn' "ended" in 2010.

No Reasonable Offer Refused

   "Adrift" (1981) Acrylic on paper; 16 X 20; unframed

   "Medusa" (1982) Acrylic on paper; 16 X 20; framed SOLD - $200!

   "Perseus at the Ready" (1982) Acrylic on paper; 16 X 20; unframed

  "The Smugs Go Shopping" (1982) Acrylic on paper; 16 X 20; unframed

    "Conflict" (1982) Acrylic on paper; 16 X 20; unframed

    "Venice Canal" (1986) Colored pen on paper; unframed

  "Nightmare"             "Tambourine Man"

  "Samurai Cat Fever"

 Art Work By Others
If you're interested in any of these pieces below, please email me with an offer.



Bukowski poster 22 X 34                        Tom Waits poster 22X 34                               When Words Collide Poster 1995 11 X 17


2 drawings with poems by RD - "100 Urns" Long Beach art installation; (1998); 20 X 30; unframed


"Pueblo" by Sari Staggs (1979); Rare Pastel drawing; 12 X 12 inches; unframed


  "Guitar Player" by Sari Staggs (1973); 12 X 20; rare, early line drawing; unframed


"Peloh" woodcut (4/50); 14 X 18 1/2; framed

"Spirit Feather" by Michael Paul (29/500); Lithograph; 22 X 38; Framed


"Vegetables" 22 X 29; Framed


Man's "Tiki" ring by Skinny Dog Jewelry; Sterling Silver; 3/4 X 1 inch; 7/8 diameter; made in 2007

"Armadillo & Cactus" coaster tile; 3 1/2 X 7 inch