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Unchainable Spirit

mike adams chapbookIn late September, 2013, Mike Adams died, a victim of Cancer. He was too young, only in his early sixties. I’d known him for four years, though he claimed we’d met back in ’06 in Las Vegas, NM.  I don’t remember that, but I do remember hearing him on the Jane Crown Show in ’09. I liked what I heard…it’s not often that you can judge a man by his words alone, and the sound of his voice; these days especially. Mike struck me as being someone i could trust. Sadly, there haven’t been too many people in the past twenty years that I could say that about.

Unchainable Spirit is a tribute chapbook about Mike, filled with poems by some of his poetic best friends, all of whom are master poets themselves and all paying homage to their fallen friend. Their poems reflect the respect that Mike deserved; they don’t stray into emotive, confessional poetry but speak to the heart of the matter including the devastation left in the wake of his passing.

Here’s who was involved in this project:
RD Armstrong, Jared Smith, Phil Woods, Jerry Smaldone, Deborah Kelly, Padma Thornlyre, Judyth Hill, Linn G. Baker, Roseanna Frechette, John Macker, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Art Goodtimes, Claire Mearns, Stewart Warren, G. Murray Thomas, Lawrence Gladeview, Jim Bernath, James Taylor III and Mike Adams, whose presence in our lives, inspired this.

Mike Adams was many things to many people. He was a skilled writer and poet, mountain climber, wonderful husband, Fire-Giggler, environmentalist, practicing Buddhist, teacher and most importantly, he was one helluva friend!

This one’s for you, Mike…

RD Armstrong, Editor & Publisher

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Check out one of Mike’s other books, Steel Valley, also published by Lummox Press. 


STEEL VALLEY by Mike Adams

SteelValleyCoverI first heard Mike Adams reading selections from Steel Valley on the Jane Crown Show (pod cast) in 2009. I was so enthralled with what I heard that I called in and offered to publish the manuscript! Thus Steel Valley was born.

John Macker, a respected poet, reviewer and small press publisher (the Desert Shovel Review) wrote this about Steel Valley:

“I love poetry that illuminates the soul’s travelogue. You can feel with all senses the steel wheels of Mike Adams’ Pennsylvania steel mill and railroad boyhood pulse in every word; his clear, generous breaths open the heart to the wide expanses of the poet writing down his life. These tough, tender-eyed poems and prose pieces are at once blue collar and bohemian, homages to the drinking and the working life juxtaposed against a long poem about cooking green chili. There are disappearing riprap trails and epic family narratives that haunt and exhilarate. It is hard to find a geography worth its weight in memory that doesn’t resonate with the blood and spirit of its inhabitants. Mike, like Ed Abbey before him, left behind the Wobbly Joe bars, mills, hills and scarred valleys of Pennsylvania for the boisterous outback of the comparatively wide, wild open West. Steel Valley is fine writing, epic and intimate.”  – John macker

Sadly, on Sept. 28, 2013 we lost Mike to Cancer. He was a great man, both as poet and a human being, gentle & wise. He is sorely missed.

Read a sample of Steel Valley here.

Steel Valley
ISBN 978-1-929878-17-8
106 pages, Trade Paperback
$15 + S&H
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Steel Valley