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Speak the Language

Speak the Language of the Land is the first of what will be an annual showcase of talented poets, presented by the Lummox Press in conjunction with The LUMMOX Poetry Anthology and the Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Prize (courtesy of the estate of Angela C. Mankiewicz and her husband, Richard Mankiewicz). The winners of this year’s contest are: Jeffrey Alfier (Torrance, CA), 1st place; Mike Mahoney (Wallingford, PA), 2nd place; and Vachine (Los Angeles, CA), 3rd place.

New to the contest are these Honorable Mentions: Donna Snyder (El Paso, TX); William Taylor, Jr. (San Francisco, CA); James Deahl (Canada); and April Bulmer (Canada).

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These poems are my grateful response to those who dream. To my own ancestors and family members, without whom I would not be alive to write these words. To the many women who, despite terrible circumstances, have refused to be silenced. To all those people who acknowledge the truth that political borders are nothing but imaginary lines drawn on a map. To those who feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and comfort the afflicted. Thank you so much. Now, more than ever, this world is needful of your compassion and hope. — Jeannine Pitas

An excerpt from the introduction to Thank You For Dreaming

In this powerful collection of poems, Jeannine Pitas lays bare the wounds of our time—the fractures in our understanding and compassion, the heartache of loneliness, the dissonance between our instincts and actions, the general chaos of our technologically advanced, spiritually degraded societies. In an effort to treat those wounds, thank you for dreaming stands in defiance of boundaries and unnecessary demarcations of difference; whether it is “aging teachers, early-morning office cleaners, executives sitting alone on a million dollars,” Frida Kahlo, Athena or God her/himself, the speaker of these poems reaches out in empathy and in love. These are poems in pursuit of connection, that seek to bridge the distance between the past and the present, between knowing and mystery, between the secular and the sacred. Pitas traverses the internal worlds of the soul and the external world of politics, environment, and technology, and brings the two spheres into dialogue with each other… These are poems that urge us to give up the preconceived notions that hold us hostage in our own ignorance, wisely pointing out the limitations of such living:
until I cross the river
on a raft made of my own clothes
what can I say I know
(the line)
They invite us again and again to participate in a radical reaching toward those who are different, disenfranchised, and dismissed, and show us how in so doing, we are engaging in our own healing. They give us new commandments through which we can live our most fruitful and fulfilling lives.
– Lauren K. Alleyne, author of Difficult Fruit.

For our friends in and around the Dubuque area, Jeannine will be reading at River Lights Bookstore on April 13th. Visit HERE for details.

Read samples here.

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2 poems from Painless Life

Love and

We have air and we have water and even good coffee—the rest is neurosis…

can give time and love can certainly take time
but time only takes love)
Someone’s knocking because the bell doesn’t work
(and time will kill us,
you and I,
taking the best
Someone’s knocking
and the sound reminds me of
the taste of my own tongue
in my mouth
It’s you
You’re knocking because the bell doesn’t work
I’ll answer it like an addict
and look at you
(and the sad Hawaiian shirt blue ceiling of the world behind you, as beautiful as a wall of butterfly wings
but in that instant that you realize that the butterflies all had to die to be pinned there)
my mouth full of rope
and tasting like my own tongue
and my eyes stung with rusted moths
or dead butterflies
I will say
(or roses that bloom after they are cut
that is,
after they are dead
as well)
I will tell you
(all I want is something appropriate to say when people ask me how I’ve been doing, how I’ve  been, something that won’t sound false, something to say that won’t mention you)


I say
I babble I mumble
I slip in
front of a whole big Pile Of Myself
     & I speak I demonstrate:
I keep Forgetting I still miss her

I say
I attest
her lips so soft she wakes me like a HAT she could wear

I say
I demand
bring us a pilotless ship

I say I plead
     I am bound in joys
that nag us to emulate Paris
dead in bloom;

with sighing
and then, arbitrarily
I yearn
I pray I implore
whom heedest our desires?
as the black
sweet eruptive flower in exquisite warmth

I say
   I shout
      I give voice to thick plate glass
I sound and hum
   through to state
a sound between soulless and solace

I chant I bleat
like a scratched skipping
   record dripping
millefiori false splendor

I say
   I entreat
smother me in blankets of sense
stun me with reasonable blindness
ride me on the back of this slipped spidered goal

I say
  I speak
    I assert
writhing behind this precise curtain of meat


In Rot We Trust

In Rot We Trust – Body Bag Nation Vol. 1

Text by Rob Plath and illustrations by Swedish artist, Janne Karlsson, seems like the work of two cadavers who refused to be dead and so they kicked their way out of their morgue drawers, beat the shit out of the grim reaper, danced on his bones, and then proceeded to scrawl poems and drawings on the cold, silent walls before escaping into the night. Don’t miss this chilling and humorous book filled with the mad graffiti of these two mortal bastards.


For samples go here.

Read a review here or this other review

ISBN 978099845814

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Tracking the Rabbit

rabbitsThomas K. Armstrong, my father, died in early January 2015, in his sleep of a heart attack. He had suffered, over the past six years, from Vascular Dementia (the lesser-known half of senility, Alzheimer’s being the more widely known form). A month before, in Dec. of 2014, I had been to see him. This chapbook contains poems and blogs about that visit and his subsequent death.

People deal with the death of a parent in many ways: denial, anger, guilt, bargaining, transference…it goes on and on. Grief has no timetable either so it may take years for that loss to resolve itself (or it may never happen). In my case, I turned to a projection of my dad as a black rabbit. Some might call this transference or an animal fetish; I dunno.

I had a dream after his death and in the dream…”Suddenly, something was thrust into my arms: a medium sized furry thing as black as this night, unidentifiable except for its two white, buck teeth. Then I knew it was a black rabbit. I could feel its heart racing in fear (but also alive!) and pulled it closer. But just as suddenly as it had appeared it now leaped out of my arms and bolted into the dark! I was devastated, thinking that it had been a gift from my father, that I had not understood what it was until it was too late and now it was gone for good (like the old man)…but then, out of the darkness, the rabbit came bounding and leapt into my arms again!

I awoke from this dream wondering what in the world did this mean? I knew enough about Native-American lore to realize that the black rabbit was my father’s spirit animal and that it would guide him through the death process; and this little black bunny would serve as a talisman for me, as well…” (from the Introduction to the chapbook).

RD Armstrong uses the power of poetry for his elegiac mythology of grief. Everyone who has ever been on earth has died, and we never get used to this. Poets especially have to  speak/define/make sense of it. Armstrong’s natural strength as a writer uses an archetypal Rabbit as the central focus. This metaphor extends the glandular process of a body lost and born again. Armstrong commands the structure of prose narrative—as well as the economy of the poem— to memorialize his love for his father. In doing this, he brings everything to life again.

— Grace Cavalieri, “The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress”

A black rabbit jumps into a bereaved dreamer’s arms, bounds out, comes back, leaves. RD Armstrong tracks it through dream, poem, memoir, waking life, waking dream, blues, and rain. This mixed genre   tale of the poet’s loss of his real father and dreamed-of father, and coming to terms with it, is a stunner–– image-rich, narratively and descriptively tight and moving, emotionally powerful. The images and emotional honesty make the reader feel all the transformations of the dad and to the son in his journey of awakening.

— Jane Lipman, author of On the Back Porch of the Moon, winner of the 2013 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award for Poetry Book and a NM Press Women’s Award

You can read selections from this book, here.

ISBN 9781929878789
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In Between the Places Where Night Falls


Something Like Paris

the doe teeters from Rosehill Cemetery
crossing Ravenswood Avenue
seeming lost on Mother’s Day, 8:15 a.m.
even fog and rain in the corner
this scene from a movie
except for the city as backdrop

you’re asleep in 14E
perhaps we’re above Roswell
the sky a bit too blue
babies silent since take-off
the gentleman in 8F with a mustache,
sunglasses atop his head, and blue shirt
seems distracted, sore, or both
the attendant hilarious
flight 1156 to Las Vegas
shifts for the first time
and you awaken, fearful

In Between the Places Where Night Falls unveils the first years of a relationship. These free verse poems journey through rural Michigan and the Pacific Northwest, eventually leading to the urban backdrops of Chicago, Dubuque, London, Sarasota, and Vancouver. Beauty and grit revolve around two people through a unique voice. — Joris Soeding

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Henry River by Tim Peeler

Henry_RiverThe ghost town of Henry River is located in the southeast corner of Burke County in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. Built at the turn of the 20th Century, the village, as it is often called now, has been mostly deserted since the 1970’s when, soon after a change in ownership, the mill burned. The brick company store still stands along with twenty or so haggard rent houses that line State Road 1002 as it meanders uphill toward Interstate 40, a little over a mile away.

In 2011, a film company chose Henry River as the location for the protagonist’s childhood home in the first Hunger Games movie. Interest in the site sky rocketed. Individuals and tour groups made the location a destination. What had been a popular spot for photographers and those with an interest in local and regional history now became a part of pop culture.

The poems in this volume reflect on the historical Henry River with some reference to the intrusive forces of the film industry. Some are responses to photographs; others are based on stories that Henry River natives have shared with me, while some are sheer flights of fancy. All of them, however, share an empathy and reverence for those who lived and worked in Henry River.


It’s always been difficult for me to wade through the subjective haze, which has become contemporary American poetry.  At first glance that might seem to be a rather bland statement.  Yet, since Whitman and Dickinson introduced the world to the concept of “organic verse,” American poets have taken the genre in multiple directions that continue to expand.  To list the exponentially growing movements would be little more than a rudimentary exercise in “who knows what.”

However, when the smoke clears the method of overwhelming choice has become the free verse narrative.  That which seems easy while being anything but.  Think about writing a song.  Consider the relationship between Brian Wilson and Mike Love when Love focuses upon “the hook.”  A poet has that luxury only in the context of the more primitive levels on the rung.  The present day narrative wordsmiths are often torn between their concepts of what is or is not profound.  Dr. Williams showed us that profundity has a natural existence in the simple recording of reality and the concept of “things.”

I met Tim Peeler in 1999.  Oddly, it was a simple complimentary note related to a piece of fiction I’d read in a small press journal.  He immediately directed me to his recently published book of poems, “Touching All the Bases,” a collection of baseball poetry.  I knew immediately that I had to meet him.  After that we began a correspondence that hasn’t lost its strength over these past 15 years.  I’ve had not only the pleasure of publishing several of his books, but the privilege of watching him hone his craft on a daily basis.  I can’t recall the exact moment when I realized he had found “it,” but I remember vividly realizing at some point that he’d reached a very significant plateau and that all the tools were in order to allow his visions and perceptions to take hold.

In America, we’ve long since passed a point in which “culture” can be an all inclusive concept.  We are a potpourri of cultures.  Some so tiny as to be almost less than obscure.  Tim Peeler looks at the amalgam of community, breaks down the cultures, and assesses them poetically with the keenest of visions.  He sees the things that the rest of us have viewed for so long that we no longer notice.  There is a value in such perceptions as well as a beauty that only the weakest among us can ignore.

Carter Monroe
April 21, 2015
A past winner of the Jim Harrison Award for contributions to baseball literature, Tim Peeler has also been a Casey Award Finalist (baseball book of the year) and a finalist for the SIBA Award. He lives with his wife, Penny in Hickory, North Carolina, where he directs the academic assistance programs at Catawba Valley Community College. He has written thirteen books and this is his third chapbook.

Henry River – An American Ruin
ISBN 9781929878703
Perfect Bound 5.5 X 8.5

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Dreaming Monsters

dreaming_monsters_coverThe Century of Dreaming Monsters by John Sweet

John Sweet of Endicott, New York is the winner of the first Lummox Poetry Prize – 2014. His poem, Hoarfrost Soliloquy, caught the eye of Judge RD Armstrong (while sifting through entries for LUMMOX 3 – A Poetry Anthology.  Lummox Press congratulates John and the second and third place winners, William Taylor, Jr and Cristina Foskey, for their excellent writing skills.

John received 50 copies of this chapbook as part of the prize. He also received a cash award of $200.

For a closer look at The Century of Dreaming Monsters go to ISSUU

The Century of Dreaming Monsters by John Sweet
ISBN 978-1-929878-75-8
60 pgs; 5.5 X 8.5 inches; $12 retail

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Two-Fer Deal-Lerner

lerner-lrbLerner_ChapbookGet a copy of Linda Lerner’s Little Red Book (#19 in the series), No Earthly Sense Gets It Right* (2000) plus a copy of her latest chapbook  Ding Dong the Bell,  (2014) or a copy of A Dance Around the Cauldron, or When Death Is a Red Balloon (2019) for $13 (+ S&H)!

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Two-fer Deal: Taylor Graham

PuppyCoverWhatWindSaysCover3Get two books by Taylor Graham: What the Wind Says; and Walking the Puppy for $24 (includes S & H)… use the drop down menu button to order. Or send by mail to:

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