Taylor Graham

  • ISBN 978-1-929878-46-8 34 pages; 5.5 X 8.5; chapbook For over 35 years, Taylor Graham has been working with Search & Rescue (SAR) dogs. She has traveled far and wide searching for lost hikers in the wilderness, victims of earthquakes and sadly, dead bodies. Walking the Puppy contains poems written for/about her current dog, Loki. Even though Taylor has retired from active duty, Loki has not...as Taylor puts it, SAR dogs never retire, so they must be continuously trained and exercised. This chapbook was a precursor to a larger collection remembering all of Taylor's dogs and their adventures over the years, entitled What The Wind Says. If you love dogs, you're going to love these books. Walking The Puppy Sample  
  • 160 pages; 6 X 9 Perfect bound, Softcover ISBN 978-1-929878-49-9 For over 35 years Taylor Graham has been a volunteer search-and-rescue (SAR) dog handler. She and her husband have trained their German Shepherds to find missing people - in Alaska, rural Virginia, and California. She's a veteran of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, the Berkeley-Oakland Hills firestorm, and other disasters, as well as hundreds of searches for lost hunters and hikers, elderly walkaways, victims of drowning, avalanche and homicide. For ten years she edited the National Association for Search and Rescue's SAR Dog ALERT newsletter. With her search dog, she spent two summers as a Forest Service volunteer ranger in the Mokelumne Wilderness. No longer on SAR callout, she still trains her dogs at least weekly; German Shepherds don't understand retirement.
    For my husband, Hatch, who’s had dogs all his life; and for all the dogs who’ve shared our lives and taught us so much — Taylor Graham "If they don't allow dogs in heaven, then I don't want to go!" — Grandpa Armstrong
    Look through a sampling of poems from this book.


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