Eyes Like Mingus

MingusPoetry by RD Armstrong
As read by Hank Beukema

Hank Beukema – Voice.
Music – Isaiah Ikey Owens, keyboards, hi-hat; Eugene Owens, upright bass, hi-hat; Lyle Johnson, guitar, heat.
Music composed and arranged by Isaiah Ikey Owens.
Words conceived and arranged by RD Armstrong.
Produced by Isaiah Ikey Owens & Raindog w/ technical assistance by TK Major.
Cover art by Luka Fisher.
Art direction by Chris Yeseta.
A Lummox Production

1. Eyes Like Mingus 2:31
2. Corazon 1:14
3. Raft of Morphine 2:08
4. Now As I Look at Her 1:55
5. Mozart at 22 2:38