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books published by Lummox Press in 2014.

WILDWOOD by Kyle Laws

WildwoodThese poems inhabit place—beginning on the Jersey shore; moving to southern Colorado, northern New Mexico, and the wild spaces between; returning to the fringes of seaside resorts by way of New Orleans—telling all the details; using words like paint; layering sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and finally touch; uniting ideas with lyricism to yield connections between past and present, ocean and desert, mountain and river, men and women; unafraid of the trouble and tangle to grow and thrive.

“I too have memories of “the shore,” so Wildwood brings a rush—like looking into someone else’s old photo album— of vivid images, scents, and O, the sounds of voices.  Watching the grownups, hearing the histories, and almost too quickly making one’s own life story, Kyle Laws’ poems move from the shore to other storied places:  New Orleans, Taos, Pueblo, St. Augustine, and return full circle to the Cape May milieu she knows so well.  They are a guided tour, not only of one family’s personal struggle, but the universal quest for understanding how we grow and survive, with the grace to be alive to the world.”

Ruth Moon Kempher, Kings Estate Press

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Read an Interview with Kyle here.

ISBN 978-1-929878-73-4
106 pages; Perfect Bound; 6 X 9 inches


wildwood incl. P&H


Dreaming Monsters

dreaming_monsters_coverThe Century of Dreaming Monsters by John Sweet

John Sweet of Endicott, New York is the winner of the first Lummox Poetry Prize – 2014. His poem, Hoarfrost Soliloquy, caught the eye of Judge RD Armstrong (while sifting through entries for LUMMOX 3 – A Poetry Anthology.  Lummox Press congratulates John and the second and third place winners, William Taylor, Jr and Cristina Foskey, for their excellent writing skills.

John received 50 copies of this chapbook as part of the prize. He also received a cash award of $200.

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The Century of Dreaming Monsters by John Sweet
ISBN 978-1-929878-75-8
60 pgs; 5.5 X 8.5 inches; $12 retail

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Lummox #3

RevisedL3Cover.inddLummox 3 is out and ready to be shipped to interested buyers. This issue contains poetry by some 180 poets, plus interviews with Grace Cavalieri, Doug Holder, Daniel McGinn, John Macker and Rick Smith; plus essays by James Deahl (Canadian Poetry in 2014), Daniel McGinn (A Bouquet dropped on Laura Nelson’s Grave), Linda Lerner (Just Another word for Plagiarism), Ellaraine Lockie (The Poem in Public), Bill Mohr (the First No School Anthology of L.A. Poets – a book excerpt), Lucille Shulklapper (My Life in a Book), Judith Skillman (the Fine Art of Revision), Norman Olson (Failure – Musing on Art) and finally RD Armstrong (the View From Down Here).

There are also reviews by Nancy Shiffrin (the Unexpurgated Dairy of Anais Nin), RD Armstrong (A Shot Across the Bow), Bill Gainer (Relics of Lust), Joseph Gardner (Songs of the Glue Machines) and Angela C. Mankiewicz (What the Wind Says).

And of course, the poetic musings of this year’s first Poetry Contest winner and runners up… John Sweet (winner); William Taylor, Jr. (first runner up) and Christina Foskey (second runner-up)! Their poetry was really quite good…some of the best I’ve seen to be honest (in my opinion). The poetry in this issue is really something special!!! There’s so much to be explored in this big-assed book!

Check it out on ISSUU. com where you’ll find the “sampler” edition…

Readings are being scheduled all over the country and even beyond! Check this link to see if there’s one near you!


amelia raymondA little about the two covers controversy: originally I was going to use a drawing by Amelia Raymond (that’s her holding up her copy of the original cover design) but it was deemed too racy for general consumption, which really surprised me (but I came to realize that what I thought was “normal” was way too liberal, even for the poetry crowd). So, the artful layout designer, Yazoota, created the cover you see at the top of the page. But I was saddened by the loss of the more radical cover, so I decided to print a second book with the original cover and to make it really special, I made it a Ltd. Edition (only 125 copies would be printed). So make sure you are ordering the right book (the contents are the same in either book, only the covers are different).

Here are some satisfied customers.

Lummox 3 – Poetry Anthology
ISBN 978-1-929878-59-8
216 pages; $25 Retail Special to Lummox Customers, $20 + S&H (USA)
8 X 10 inches; Paperback




Lummox 3 Special Ltd. Edition
ISBN 978-1-929878-76-5

216 pages; $30 Retail (collectors edition – only 125 printed) includes S&H (USA)
8 X 10 inches, Paperback



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prosthesisBipolar Disorder is a homegrown tornado, a swarm of insects buzzing in your ear, a picture of an eye that winks back at you. Discover it in a way you never have before. Discover prosthesis. Discover in prosthesis mental illness, the human mind, human hope and fear, love and hate, dream and defeat. It is a place of struggle, planning and realization, willing and creating. Walk a journey unlike any other, meeting fellow travelers, obstacles and unexpected turns, a labyrinth of recovery that seems to suspend time and invite you to embody the experience of mental illness in completely new way.

“Throughout prosthesis, the wisdom within this small community is remarkable and generously given. Den Bleyker has a beautiful way with words and the book is made strong through the use of metaphor….This is a book that people with bipolar disorder, and those who love them, can both learn from and take solace in. No one, not even a person in a place of darkest suffering, is utterly alone.”         —Leslie McGrath, author of By The Windpipe and Out From the Pleiadas

Ariana D. Den Bleyker is a Pittsburgh native currently residing in Upstate New York, a wife and mother of two. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family and every once in
a while sleeps. She is the author of several poetry chapbooks and collections and the novelette Finger : Knuckle : Palm (LucidPlay Publishing, 2014). Ariana is the founder of ELJ Publications, a small press featuring a number of serials, series and contests, including Emerge Literary Journal and scissors & spackle. Ariana believes in words, what they have to say to the world, to the reader, to you. She hopes her words touch you and thanks you for your interest in prosthesis.

Read from a sample of Prosthesis

ISBN 9781929878581
132 Pages, 7.5 X 9.25 inches, Trade Paper
$15 retail



Brentwood Anthology

Brentwood anthologyPittsburgh Poetry Exchange was founded in 1974 by five of us—Dieter Weslowski,
Lloyd Johnson, Vic Coccimiglio, J. W. Jansen, and myself—as a voluntary association
of local poets. Its purpose was to provide services to local poets, especially those
outside the “university loop.” We offered workshops, produced readings and events,
and created a network for information.

The core component of PPE has probably always been the open poetry workshop
held the first Monday of each month. Initially, it was conducted at Lion Walk
Performing Arts Center. Over the years, as circumstances changed, we occupied a number of venues, including The Famous Rider Cultural Center, a conference room in the Joyce Building, and City Books. Since 2011, we have been comfortably ensconced at the Brentwood Public Library.

Despite the fact that workshop members represent varying degrees of poetic expertise, we operate as equals. It’s a great place for poets from novice to master to get helpful comments and feedback on their work. In the last 40 years, dozens (hundreds?) of poets have passed through the workshop. Among those who became nationally known would be Joan E. Bauer, Mike James, Joseph Karasek, Joy Katz, and Arlene Weiner.

An open workshop necessarily produces poems ranging from great to awful, but there has developed an agreement that the general level of poems has never been higher than now. This was acknowledged by Gene Hirsch a few months ago when he suggested we should publish an anthology.

This, dear reader, is what you hold in your hands. Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange Brentwood is not a historical anthology, but a collection of poems from the workshop now, its current members. We hope you enjoy it as much as Judy Robinson and I enjoyed putting it together.

—Michael Wurster (from the forward)

The roster of poets: Michael Albright, Joan E. Bauer, Jennifer Jackson Berry, Ziggy Edwards, Timons Esaias, Mark Goldman, Barry G. Govenor, Johnny Hartner, Gene Hirsch, Joe Kaldon, Sheila Kelly, Kathy McGregor, Jolanta Konewka Minor, Edward Murray, Stephen Pusateri, Judith R. Robinson, Nick Romero, Lucille T. Seibert, John Stokes, Christine Telfer, Arlene Weiner and Michael Wurster.

We are grateful to our wonderful city, a lively home for art and artists. Pittsburgh has long been a hub of happenings. With its beautiful topography of hills and rivers, its interesting history as well as its unique ethnic mix of people, Pittsburgh itself continues to offer so much that nurtures us.

A thank you goes to the Brentwood Library, our gracious hosts, and to Barry Govenor who serves on the Library’s board of directors and is one of our group. The library furnishes us with comfortable space, tables, chairs and coffee; every comfort to support our insatiable habit of meeting each month to workshop poetry.

We of the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange are grateful to our founder, Michael Wurster, for his many years of mentoring every one of us. We have benefited more than can ever be expressed from his expertise, his guidance and his loyalty to poetry and to us.

Finally, I personally wish to thank my fellow workshoppers for their unending humor, friendship and always fine-tuned opinions. We have all enjoyed many years of listening, sharpening skills and advising one another on the countless aspects of our shared passion, poetry. Thanks, Guys!

—Judith R. Robinson (from the afterword)

Read some samples from this book

The Brentwood Anthology
by the Pittsburgh Poet’s Collective
– Edited by Judith Robinson and Michael Wurster
ISBN 978-1-929878-57-4
$15; 8.25 X 8.25; Perfect Bound

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A Tree on the Rift

rift hi-rezSince the beginning of time, man has been engaged in a struggle between good/right and evil/wrong.  Sometimes we are victorious over our passions and other times we succumb to temptation. Regardless of the outcome, these forces rage on in an inextricable struggle in all of us.  It is impossible to quarantine, excise, dissect or suppress our base desires from our lofty aspirations.  There is no escape, but there is survival. Bruce Colbert’s A TREE ON THE RIFT tells thirteen different stories in thirteen different locations in the world where people are forced to face their passions, their weaknesses and all to often their immoral, self-centered behavior.  These thirteen experiences strike something very visceral in our core.   One cannot help being drawn into Colbert’s world. While writers all too often become exhibitionists to their voyeuristic readers as seen in the Bible, The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales, Colbert’s stories allows us to peer through our neighbor’s windows, look in their secret drawers and learn what really goes on in their lives.  After all, don’t we really want to do is see what others do when no one is watching?  Do we do the same thing? — Louis M. Boxer, M.D.

Bruce Colbert’s A Tree on the Rift, a collection of thirteen short stories, is like a series of snapshots of place and time. Each story has a different location, a different city, and different characters. Several times the protagonist is a Vietnam vet, usually, but not always living at a later time. The protagonists, although with an underlying resemblance, are not duplicative, each is his own character. Some of the stories take place in Vietnam. Cairo, Bangkok, Chicago, Sao Paolo, Budapest, Nairobi; the locations span the world. Colbert’s evocation of place is reminiscent of  Lawrence Durrell. The collection’s beginning story, City of the Dead, which takes place in Cairo, stirs memories of The Alexandria Quartet. The story is romantic, suspenseful, and frightening.  — Casey Dorman, author of “I, Carlos,” and Editor of Lost Coast Review

“Bruce Colbert transports us clear around the globe, from Cairo to Budapest to Nairobi, and excites our international palettes with well-crafted recipes for intrigue and suspense. In his 13-story collection, “A Tree on the Rift,” Colbert’s intercontinental story-telling might appeal to decidedly male readers who have a yen for exotic women, gripping action and dangerous liaisons.  Colbert seems to tap a bottomless reservoir of knowledge of his venues, as diverse as Chicago and Vietnam, coupled with exquisite insight into human behavior.  This is a must-read!” — Bob Lundin, playwright 

Mr. Colbert is available for interviews, readings and book signings. Please contact Lummox Press for more information.

Read excerpts from A Tree on the Rift on ISSUU

A Tree on the Rift by Bruce Colbert
ISBN 978-1-929878-56-7
220 Pages; 6 X 9 Trade Paper; $19.99



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Corvidae by B. J. Buckley


coverEven a quick glance at YouTube will provide a number of videos demonstrating crows’ ability to solve problems, as well as crows’ ability to play. My favorite shows a crow sliding down a snowy roof, flying to the top again, and repeating the slide. The crow is clearly having a great time, clearly playing. There is no other purpose apparent in the activity. It is simply play.


Recently wildlife biologists have begun to understand the inter-species cooperation that seems to exist between wolves and ravens. Ravens, it seems, will find a carcass and then lead wolves to it. The birds know that they cannot get through the tough skin of an elk, but that once the wolves have gotten through the skin, and eaten their fill, they will leave enough meat for the ravens. Biologists have seen ravens fly down into the middle of a litter of wolf pups playing outside their den. The raven will begin to play with the pups, throwing sticks for them or letting the pups chase him. This interaction demonstrates an intelligence and curiosity that extends well beyond instinctive, rote behavior for finding food and shelter.


Beyond these specific examples, the Corvids, whether crows, ravens, or magpies, have all played significant roles in world folklore and myth. They are, by turns, bringers of wisdom, harbingers of both good and bad news, or tricksters who can aid a hero or unmask a villain. The rhyme at the beginning of this introduction is an Old English chant recited when seeing a flock of crows. The Norse god Odin had a raven as his companion, and the Haida of the American Pacific Northwest used ravens on their totem poles and created elaborate raven masks.


B. J. Buckley’s poems in Corvidae allude to all these attributes and mythologies and more. These poems pay tribute to many of the ways the Corvids have interacted with humans. She uses chants, rhymes, poetic forms, and free verse to create mythology that is both old and familiar and, at the same time, stunningly original. Her poems speak to a reverence for not only the birds themselves but that which is numinous in human experience. Reading these poems changes how we see these beautiful birds, and changes how we see the mystical and spiritual in our lives. These poems should be savored. They should be read aloud to appreciate Buckley’s use of sound, and they could easily be part of personal spiritual practice, read by candlelight or read outdoors where our Corvid relatives may hear them, too, and both laugh in their mocking way and participate in the mystical as they fly across an open sky.
An excerpt from the introduction by Jane Elkington Wohl, PhD.

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CORVIDAE by B. J. Buckley
100 pages; 6 X 9 inches; Trade Paperback
ISBN 978-1-929878-74-1




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Unchainable Spirit

mike adams chapbookIn late September, 2013, Mike Adams died, a victim of Cancer. He was too young, only in his early sixties. I’d known him for four years, though he claimed we’d met back in ’06 in Las Vegas, NM.  I don’t remember that, but I do remember hearing him on the Jane Crown Show in ’09. I liked what I heard…it’s not often that you can judge a man by his words alone, and the sound of his voice; these days especially. Mike struck me as being someone i could trust. Sadly, there haven’t been too many people in the past twenty years that I could say that about.

Unchainable Spirit is a tribute chapbook about Mike, filled with poems by some of his poetic best friends, all of whom are master poets themselves and all paying homage to their fallen friend. Their poems reflect the respect that Mike deserved; they don’t stray into emotive, confessional poetry but speak to the heart of the matter including the devastation left in the wake of his passing.

Here’s who was involved in this project:
RD Armstrong, Jared Smith, Phil Woods, Jerry Smaldone, Deborah Kelly, Padma Thornlyre, Judyth Hill, Linn G. Baker, Roseanna Frechette, John Macker, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Art Goodtimes, Claire Mearns, Stewart Warren, G. Murray Thomas, Lawrence Gladeview, Jim Bernath, James Taylor III and Mike Adams, whose presence in our lives, inspired this.

Mike Adams was many things to many people. He was a skilled writer and poet, mountain climber, wonderful husband, Fire-Giggler, environmentalist, practicing Buddhist, teacher and most importantly, he was one helluva friend!

This one’s for you, Mike…

RD Armstrong, Editor & Publisher

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ISBN 9781929878710
48 pages; 5.5 X 8.5 inches, Perfect Bound
$10 retail (+ Shipping)

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Check out one of Mike’s other books, Steel Valley, also published by Lummox Press. 


Ding Dong the Bell


Linda Lerner, a small press veteran of numerous years, has wives tale-3put together a volume of “nursery rhymes” with a distinctly modern interpretation. Along with the drawings of her friend and artist, Donna Kerness, Lerner takes on such classics as London Bridge is Falling Down, Ring Around the Rosy, Jack Sprat, Rip Van Winkle and Humpty Dumpty.

“Poet Linda Lerner pens modern day nursery rhymes, playful but with well-placed poetic barbs, thrown at our everyday insular lives, and the injustices that are ignored by us or experienced by us. Lerner gives us rhyme for our time.”

 Doug Holder/ Lecturer in Creative Writing/Endicott College/Beverly, MA



What Just happened
Catch Me If You can
The Sound of London Bridges Falling in NYC
Ring Around the Rosy:  A Danse Macabre
The Mother Who Gives Birth to a Poem
Remember, remember the Fifth of November
Stumbling on Jack’s Road
An Old Wives Tale or a Rip Van Winkle Story
When Every Color Became Red
Humpty Dumpty

Linda Lerner’s Takes Guts & Years Sometimes was published by NYQ Books, June, 2011; she’s previously published thirteen collections of poetry and been nominated twice for a pushcart prize. Her poems have recently been in New Verse News, Gutter Eloquence, The Brooklyn Voice, Danse Macabre, Two Bridges, Presa, Fall, 2011 (featured poet) Lummox, Home Planet News, Big Hammer, and The Mom Egg; her essay “Land Grab: Putting Down Stakes” appeared in The Brooklyn Voice, March, 2013. Her next collection, Yes, the Ducks Were Real, will be published by NYQ Books.

Donna Kerness  has been producing Art of various mediums over the years. Her inspirations have emerged from her past… She was a Dancer at the Henry Street Playhouse with Alwin Nikolais, and Murray Louis, a casual fellow poet and friend of Linda Lerner, and an Underground Cinema Super Star, in the movies of the Kuchar Brothers, during the Sixties in New York.

After relocating to San Antonio and raising a family, now is working with Sketching, Drawing, Painting and Multimedia Art which has been exhibited at the Highwire Gallery, in San Antonio, Texas.


ISBN 978-1-929878-51-2
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The Liberal Media Made Me Do It!

LiberalMediaCoverFinalThe quiet confiding voice of radio sees us through our commutes, educates, and amuses us. We feel that we know the hosts on such shows as All Things Considered, RadioLab, This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, Snap Judgment, and that they could be friends, sharing our interests and sensibilities.

For its part, Public television becomes a trusted sanctuary from crass commercials, laugh tracks, unfunny comedies rising in volume as they grow more empty in content. We start with shows like Sesame Street, Electric Company, Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow and continue on to  Frontline, The Nightly News, and the many guilty pleasures of adult Anglophiles, such as Masterpiece Theater and Mystery.

It shouldn’t surprise us then to see that so many have responded in kind, speaking back to the speakers, inspired by what they hear and see. What may be more surprising is that no one seems to have had the idea of gathering these works together into an anthology, though they have appeared here and there, in poetry collections and journals.

For me, the greatest delight in receiving these pieces has been to recognize the stories I have heard on the radio, with the added dimension of another’s perception added in. This brings home the truth that each of us could start with the same raw material and yet produce finished products that resemble one another only in incidental ways.

Our national tragedies and triumphs, the odd idiosyncratic stories of individuals, the stuff of our daily lives and explorations all appear here, care of the diligent reporters of our national media.

It is wonderful to realize that in some sense  we are all one, listening or watching alone in the dark, but part of a larger tribe. This may be the closest thing we can experience to unanimity and belonging in this fractured land.

    Robbi Nester, editor (from the introduction)

This collection of poems by poets from all over the U.S. and from across the ocean was published by a new sub-division of the Lummox Press, Nine Toes Press, in April (National Poetry Month, btw). Buy a copy NOW!

Featuring Poets:

Martha O. Adams, RD Armstrong, Anne Baber, Sally Ball, Kris Bigalk, Lavina Blossom, Allen Braden, Kirstin Bratt, Julie Bruck, Mary Bullington, Sheryl Clough, Michael Colonnaise, Barbara Crooker,  Donna Decker, Barbara Duffey, Blas Falconer, Jennifer Flescher, Rupert Fike, Deborah Gang,Howie Good, Rick Hamwi, Kenneth Hart, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, M.E. Hope, Kate Hutchinson, Luisa Igloria, Tim Kahl, Marie Kane, Deda Kavanagh, Elizabeth Kelikowske, Kathryn Kopple, Judy Kronenfeld, Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Ron Lavalette, Christina Lovin, Amy MacLennen, Joan Mazza, Kelly Nelson,Robbi Nester, Barbra Nightingale, Hal O’Leary, Susan Blackwell Ramsey, Penelope Schott,  Brittney Scott, Patricia Scruggs, Martha Silano, M.E. Silverman, Susan Snowden, Nina Soifer, Onna Solomon, Robin Stratton, Lisa Stonestreet, Meryl Stratford, Marly Youmans, Kit Zak.

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ISBN 978-1-929878-72-7
154 pages; Perfect Bound; 6 X 9 inches

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