It's not easy being a poet.  Keeping the garret clean and finding a source for cheap wine and, of course, finding inspiration for your legendary posey.  Poets suffer all the time: they suffer at the hands of their fellow poets, the audiences who just can't get what they're trying to say, and the stupid SOBs that control all the venues where they might read.  Worst of all, they suffer at the hands of merciless poetry editors who just don't understand their genius...

What some poets don't understand is the anguish that bad poetry puts the poor bastards through who work for the little print mags and Ezines .  They act like their stuff is immortal and when it fails to be accepted, they sometimes react in a petulant or violent way.  What follows are some of the "special" replies that we've gotten...


"Forget it.  Your cryptic messages tell me that I must not have the right to have my poetry anywhere.  Thanks for killing a dream." 

- Todd Lamkin


"Listen asshole, those poems were not sent to you as submissions, they 
were all published in "major" lit journals and anthologies.  Why would I 
want you to publish anything of mine?"
- A. D. Winans 
"I am certainly glad that you are going to "save the editor the trouble reading it", because quite frankly, the world has too many stuck up snobs like you."


-Theresa Moore