Society of Unheard Poets

A  group dedicated to the preservation of unknown/little-known  poets (regional or international) and give them the opportunity for publication. We believe that they deserve a voice in today’s market place just as much as well established/known poets.

Principles of the SUP:

  1. To provide a yearly poetry anthology to its members (and non-members via Amazon), and that said anthology is to be provided as part of the annual dues.

  2. To provide a roster of poet names and contact information, similar to the Poets and Writers database; available via a website, to all members.

  3. To provide support to other organizations with similar goals, via networking or fundraising.

  4. To publish a semi-annual E-newsletter to bring members up to date on current and future SUP projects.

  5. To help co-ordinate readings and/or panels around the country to promote new voices in poetry; and to encourage programs that use poetry to promote literacy and self-esteem in schools, in prisons, in neighborhoods…wherever the “unheard” exist.

Annual dues would be $10 per year (USA – student), $20 (USA - basic), $30 (USA – friend), $50 (USA - supporter) & $100 (USA – patron). Members would receive 2 e-newsletters per year, plus the annual anthology of SUP poets.