The Essential RD Armstrong  (Raindog) Reader

In late 2007 I decided that it was time to start publishing a 'definitive' reader of my own work...not because I felt my end was nye, but because I felt that I wanted to leave my mark before something happened to leave me incapacitated.  Granted, I'm a bit young to be worrying about the musings of old man death, but I have this "little voice" that keeps worrying me...nagging me about the future.  I'm hoping that you'll be interested in this FOUR Book set that showcases the poetry & short stories of my writing.  Perhaps there will be more books to follow (principally from the annals of the Lummox Journal).  But for the time being, this is it.  Please click on the book to find out more about it.

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FIRE AND RAIN Vol. 1 -- Selected Poems from 1993 to 1998


On/Off the Beaten Path - 3 Road Poems


El El Pagano and Other Twisted Tales - Short Stories


vFIRE AND RAIN - Vol. 2 Selected Poems  from 1999 to 2007