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The (Old) House Doctor

My friends call me Raindog.  I've been working as a handyman for most of my adult life (which gives me about 35 years of experience.  Over the years, I've painted; built cabinets, decks, and fences; installed doors and windows; hung molding and drywall; repaired stucco, plaster and concrete; and installed tile (both ceramic and glass); all, in addition to my standard handyman duties. 

In the past eight years or so, I have worked on a number of Craftsman / Craftsman Bungalow houses down here in the SoCal area.  These houses sometimes provide me with unique projects.  Check out the slide show of an old stone house I recently worked on up in the foothills.  I love these old houses (at least what we call 'old' out here in the west - I realize that 94 might be considered just broken in,  back east). I love working on them, and I love discovering artifacts, whilst working on them.

I'll be expanding this site with other pictures from past jobs - perhaps you'll find something of interest here...please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.