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Parentela Interview

"I want to draw on great surfaces because my nightmares are so many & with the years they increase!"

An Interview with Claudio Parentela, one of the busiest artists on the web.

RD: How long have you been at this (Drawing)?


CP: I've always drawn...I don't know why, but I've always drawn strange things like mother thought they were demonic and therefore also I was demonic. I was the devil in person...well, her stupid words were the right stimulus to continue to draw 'demonic' faces, demonic eyes, demonic flowers, demonic clouds...all a great world of demonic shit (that is Claudio's great shit).  However, maybe my mother had a reason because I'm not very 'normal'.  But I was born so, a poor, dark freak in a perfect world of normal people...but are they so normal or are they all mad...? I don't know, I'm  too stupid to understand... I draw all the days and all the time since about 1995...


RD:  You’re too hard on yourself.  So is that when you also started sending your work out?


CP: Yes, since 1995. I've begun this crazy 'work', sending my weird art around the world to all the mail art projects that I knew of, and then to many, many art & punx zines...labels, artists, small presses and so on, and with time, the collaborations have increased...& I like all this mad movement!


RD:  How'd you get started?


CP:  It's a difficult & strange question, this.  I'd begun to draw when I was a child. Yes, it was a wonderful game before, but now it's my work & I love it because I love to draw. Naturally, if I can also sell my artwork, it's better again.  I've done various shows in art galleries, too.  I like this because I'm drawing on large boards with colored oils (after all the black & white drawings over the years, I desire a bit of color or maybe my nightmares now are more colored)!


RD:  I first saw your drawings in Frank Moore's Cherotic Revolutionary magazine (  What do you think about Frank's work?  Is he an influence on yours?


CP:  Oh...Frank is a great friend of mine & the dearest person & a wonderful artist...he's magic; all his work is magic.  Sure, I've published my art on ''The Cherotic Revolutionary #8'' if I remember right.  I like all the artworks published on this magazine.  For example, La Bash's art is great...!  Frank is so intelligent and creative.  He plays & he likes to play with all he creates & makes.  Sure, all the art has to be a funny game before...& sure, our work is similar, but Frank's work/art is more free & joyous because his work wants to be cathartic.  My work is cathartic for me, but it's so dark & chaotic & painful & contorted... Our work/art is similar & different, so yes, I feel influenced by Frank but in a thin & invisible & magic way.


RD:  Do you work in other media besides pen/brush and ink?  What?

CP:  I'm a photographer too.  I like to do chaotic & dark & splatter collages with photos & my violent comics...I'm studying various software to do short movies with my artworks...terrible wars & love stories with a lot of violence and weird religions & whores & aliens & sad lovers.  They'll be very colorful.


I'm drawing on large boards with a lot of colored oils, but to use them, I use my fingers.


RD: Say what?!


CP:  I like to draw so much, I want to draw on great surfaces because my nightmares are so many & with the years they increase!


RD:  So, it’s therapeutic.  Is that why do you do it?


CP:  To live (I hope...!?) because I feel free. For a lot of years I've been a real shit, full of things not mine and with a life not mine (I've always done & thought horrible things that I hated...because I didn't love myself or my life).  I wasn't able to continue to lie to myself...


RD:  So you mean you had a job you that was killing your soul and after years of that, you finally quit to pursue your dream/nightmare?


CP:  Yes...poor but happy...! Sure, I want money, it's natural & logical to live! I love to draw & I want to continue to draw...


RD:  Over the last couple of years, you've been using the internet more and more.  Now that you have a website or two (how many links do you have?), what do you think about the WWW?  Plusses?  Negatives?


CP:  I love Internet because it is so chaotic, like my mind.  I spend a lot of time every day in front to my computer.  .I use the electronic mail now, prevalently, because it is cheaper, safe, faster.   And while I now spend long hours in front to my computer, I love to run on the web What I think about WWW  is I like it & for my work & art it is a wonderful new way to publish & to share & to sell my artwork.  Naturally, I've known a lot of crazy & funny artists on the in the end, sure, I vote for WWW!


RD: What are you up to these days?


CP: Well...I'm working on a next personal show at DIESEL GALLERY (NY) for the next fall.  I've finished my last booklet for the ''Cafetiere Editions'' (Belgium).  As ever I've got a lot of collaborations around: zines, magazines, labels, bands, small presses, etc...and always I send my artwork to all these guys.  I'm working also, with Stampa Alternativa, an underground & historical Italian small press (I've drawn some covers for them).  I've got to draw a lot of artwork for 2 other personal shows in Spain & in Norway for next December, maybe. And I've just sold my home & I'm working in my new's beautiful, large, with a great garden & I'm happy for this new'll be my guest soon, OK???


RD: I wish it were so easy.  Thanks, man.


CP: Ciao!


RD:  You can contact Claudio directly or visit these two websites to learn more about him


All Rights reserved by C. Parentela

Known for his demonic influenced pen and ink drawings, Claudio has gained a world-wide following!

October 2003


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