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Charles Ries

Charles Ries

Reviewer & Poet

CHARLES P. RIES lives and writes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has completed a novel based on memory titled, THE FATHERS WE FIND: The Making of a Humble, Pleasant Boy. His second book of poetry titled Monje Malo Speaks English was published in January 2003 by Foursep Publications . He is on the board of the Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee. His work was nominated for a 2003 Pushcart Prize by Anthology. Also in 2003, his poetry won top honors in the 30th Annual Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest and the 2nd Annual OnMilwaukee.Com Poetry Contest. His poems, poetry reviews and short stories have appeared in over seventy print and electronic publications. Contact Charles or visit him at as well as,

I was thinking about the last time
I was in love. When I realized she
was thinking the same things at the
same time as I was. The constant
erection, forgetfulness and tears.
Everywhere was a bed. Everyday our
hearts bled into buckets big enough
to wet the thirst of 1,000 red roses.
Do you suppose love - true love - parts
the curtain and allows angels and night visitors
to circle this light? A light that smells like cinnamon
and sounds like children’s whispers.
We had only to breathe the same air to believe it.
Seven months later she returned to her husband and
the sad chains. Love hasn’t shown up since, except
when I find her in the features of people I see.
This nose,  those eyes, that chin. They remind me of
the last time I was in love.

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