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The Lummox Press has been publishing books of all sizes and lengths for over fifteen years. The books are primarily poetry and fall into two categories: The Little Red Book series (LRB) and POD titles. The Little Red Book series consists of small, pocket-sized chapbooks averaging 32 to 56 pages, written by known and unknown poets - the common thread being that the poetry is damn good.  There are over 60 titles in this series (as of April, 09), which was started in late 1998. A compendium/sampler of this series was published in 2009, entitled The Long Way Home. It celebrates the first decade of this series. Because of rising production and postal costs, the price of the LRBs is going up to $6 each plus shipping ($1 - USA; $3 - WORLD). All Prices listed include postage.

POD books is a new feature of the Lummox Press, featuring perfect bound, 6X9 trade paperbacks.  In 2008, 5 books were published by Lummox, 4 titles by the publisher, RD Armstrong, and a 5th by John Yamrus. In 2009 another 6 titles are planned for release including Todd Moore's epic The Riddle of the Wooden Gun, and the aforementioned The Long Way Home.

Another new feature is the availability of all POD titles as E-Books.  The E-Book is a PDF file which includes the cover (front & back) and full text of the title, and is available at a fraction of the cost of the book.  The E-Book concept is designed for WORLD orders, since postage for such orders is going through the roof!  Of course, book titles are still available if desired.  If you purchase an E-Book and want to get a copy of the actual book, the E-Book price will be deducted from the book price -- because we value our customers.  Enjoy.

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