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Poetry Editor

Ed Jamieson, Jr.  Poetry Editor


Photo: Bill Merkins

This is me: Ed. Don't be afraid. I'm not. I've been around the poetry scene for a few years, now. I'm usually the guy in the back corner of a poetry reading.

Like you, I get published sometimes. And like you, I get rejected more than sometimes. If you want to know what I like, read Dufus or read Lummox Journal ($22.00 dollars a year, that's four happy meals). Miss a meal or two or three or four and subscribe, be the good looking skinny poet not the fat happy meal eating poet. All this talk about food is making my stomach hurt.
Back to Poetry. I'm open to anything that is good, I don't care about style or subject. If your into poems about photographs that's fine, if not that's better. Poetry isn't about capturing a moment, it's about experiencing the moment. I think I learned that from X.L. Kennedy.
Write on.

You can contact Ed, but only if you think your poetry is really, really good!

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