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The Lummox Journal

What I tried to accomplish with the Journal during its ELEVEN years!

Over the years, the LJ  evolved from a little 2 page rant sheet to a slightly bigger 32 page journal with subscribers in 6 countries world wide and in 40 states in the USA. When I first started it, I had no idea that it would last, or that it would garner the respect of so many people.  Just look at the number of interviews, it reads like a who's who of the literary & arts underground!  I started out with a curiosity about how seemingly ordinary people took the grist of their daily lives and turned it into something creative.  I wasn't looking for a formula and I haven't found one so far; but what I have discovered is that each interviewee has their own unique take on things.  I've learned a lot and I hope my readers have too.

If any of this sparks your interest and you'd like to read more, please visit the links listed above (after "Lummox Journal - issues" to "LRB titles").  Back issues are available for sale.  Order 12 at a time for:

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What people are saying about the Lummox Journal...

"A dependable bi-monthly celebrating its tenth year of hard work and energy.  One of the zines that gives the Small Press its sense of community..."


Michael Kriesel, reviewed in Small Press Review (Sept-Oct 2005)



“I like your magazine and it's down to it layout and expression, informative, a combo newsletter plus good pieces, interviews, comments, poetry here and there, covers a lot, I like your text, stories.” 


Bill Morrison, subscriber, Los Angeles, CA



“I love this magazine. It is perfect for your small press addiction.”


Doug Holder, The Ibbetson St. Review & Press Somerville, MA



“Your publication is one of the best on the market and keeps small press poetry up to par!” 


Brian Morrisey, POESY Magazine Santa Cruz, CA



“The best monthly magazine in the small press.”


Lindsay Wilson, Unwound Magazine #10 Laramie, WY



“A slim journal featuring essays and interviews and (surprise!) some fairly decent and not too obscure poetry.”


‘Bloody Mary’, in ZineWorld #19 Murfreesboro, TN


“This is a great find for writers, as they do a good job of enlightening (advertising outlets for writers, self-publishing news and  reviews (good ones, of poetry mostly), including a report about a self-published online novel called "Lip Service" that landed its author a bona fide book deal). Earnest and focused”


A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press; San Francisco, CA


"I love your Journal."


Fred Polk, subscriber, Iola, WI


Oct.    Rant against When Words Collide -- LB Poetry Festival That ripped me off                                                          Nov.   Still ranting                                                                                                                                                        Dec.   First glimmerings of the potential here  


Jan.     Linda Albertano – Performance/Spoken Word Artist

Feb.    David Holmes – Artist

Mar.    Richard Stephens – Painter

April    Steve Abee – Writer / Poet

May     Gerald Locklin – Poet / Educator

June   Arthur Rimbaud – Dead Poet w/ Jay Alamares

July     No Interview

Aug.    Bukowski Remembered issue #1

Sept.   Dren MacDonald – Singer / Songwriter

Oct.     Haley Mitchell – Poet / Pub. Shiela-na-gig

Nov.    Bill Shields – Poet  

Dec.    Jay Alamares & RD – Poets



Jan.     Laurel Ann Bogen – Poet & Educator

Feb.     Frank Moore – Performance Artist

Mar.     Merilene M. Murphy – Poet

April    Mark Weber – Poet / Pub. Zerx Press

May     Toni Di Angelis – Painter

June    Leather Hymen – Band

July     Arzu Arda Kosar – Painter / Teacher

Aug     Bukowski Remembered Issue  #2

Sept.   Todd Moore – Poet

Oct.     Paul Krassner – Writer / Pub. The Realist

Nov.    Carol Queen – Sex Writer

Dec.    Billie Holiday – Dead Singer (spoof)



Jan.    Lyn Lifshin - Poet

Feb.    S.A. Griffin – Poet / Actor    

Mar.    Luke Breit – Dir. Sacramento Poetry Center

April    All Poetry Issue – Number One                 

May     Micheal Ventura – Writer / Columnist

June   Kaesa Footracer – Dancer / AGCC Dir.

July     E.A. Lynch – Artist    

Aug.    Bukowski Remembered Issue  #3    

Sept.   Wade Hammond – Painter

Oct.     G. Pickens/S. Serna – Muralist / Performance Artist

Nov.    Matthew Niblock – Poet / Musician

Dec.    All Reviews Issue




Jan.    Scott Wannberg - Poet & first Lummox of the Year
Feb.    Errol Miller - Poet   

Mar.    Carma Bums – Poetry Group         

April    All Poetry Issue – # 2                

May     Weba Garretson – Singer / Actress

June   Charles Plymell – Poet        

July     A.D. Winans - Poet 

Aug.    Bukowski Remembered Issue #4     

Sept.   Linda Lerner – Poet

Oct.     Rick Frausto - Sculptor & Found Artist    

Nov.    Kristi Martel – Singer / Songwriter

Dec.    All Reviews Issue




Jan.     No Interview

Feb.    Tomata Du Plenty – Artist

Mar.    Clive Matson – Poet / Teacher

April    All Poetry Issue # 3

May     Todd Moore (Revised)

June   B. Z. Niditch - Poet & Playwright

July     Kell Robertson – Singer / Poet

Aug.    Last Bukowski Remembered Issue #5

Sept.   Tony Moffeit - Poet

Oct.     No Interview

Nov.    Gerald Locklin (Revised)

Dec.    All Reviews Issue




Jan.     No Interview

Feb.    Donna Cartelli – Writer / Poet        

Mar.    Donna Cartelli Part Two

April    All Poetry Issue # 4

May     John Thomas – Poet (Lummox of the Year)

June   Holly Prado – Poet / Teacher         

July     Harry Northup – Actor / Poet

Aug.    Fiction & Poetry Issue  #1      

Sept.   Maggie Jaffe Poet / Pub. Cedar Hill (double issue)

Nov.    Leslie Monsour – Poet / Teacher

Dec.    All Review Issue




Jan.     No Interview

Feb.    Laurel Ann Bogen (revised)

Mar.    Bretton Holmes – Writer / Poet w/ Alex Thiltges

April    All Poetry Issue # 5

May     Jazz Morgan – Painter / Poet

June   J. A. Deane – Musician / Composer

July     Jack Grapes – Teacher / Poet

Aug.    All Fiction Issue # 1

Sept.   Larry Jaffe - Poet

Oct.     Philomene Long - Poet

Nov.    No Interview

Dec.    All Reviews Issue





Jan.     No Interview

Feb.    No Interview

Mar.    Lawrence Welsh – Poet / Teacher

April    All Poetry Issue # 6

May     Estelle Gershgoren Novak – Poet / Teacher (double issue)

July     Mark Weber (revised)

Aug.    All Fiction Issue # 2       

Sept.   Lyn Lifshin – Poet w/ Laura Stamps

Oct.     Claudio Parantela - Artist

Nov.    Dan Fante – Writer / Poet

Dec.    Last Monthly Issue – 2004 Calendar





Jan.    No interview

Mar.   All Poetry issue # 7

May    No Interview

July   100th Issue - excerpts from LAST CALL: The Legacy of Charles Bukowski

Sept.  No Interview

Nov.   All Reviews





Jan.   Leonard J. Cirino - Poet & Pub. Pygmy Forest Press

Mar.   All Poetry issue # 8

May   A special double double issue combining the All Fiction issue & interviews with Glenn Cooper & John Dorsey

Sept.  Neeli Chercovski Interview

Nov.  Oops! Never printed it





Jan.   Mikey Welsh - painter (interviewed by Mark Hartenbach)

Mar.   All Poetry issue # 9

May   Baby Beat Generation - Review and interview by Charles Ries; Notes of a Poetry Slut by Raindog

July   No interview; The Fourth Fire by Todd Moore

Sept.  Tom Waits  - Songwriter & actor (from 2002 interview in The Onion)

Nov.  No interview; last issue observations by Raindog





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