Donation Methods

If you are reading this, then I must assume that you have a passing knowledge of computers and the digital age. When it comes to fundraising most of our tools are online, meaning the mailing lists and list-serves, the filing of records, etc can all be done electronically…as can the taking of funds. Here at Lummox I rely on several funding platforms, primarily because funds go directly to my PayPal account. Thus I prefer that the payments go directly there.

BUT there is still the old fashioned CHECK, which goes into the old fashioned checking account! So, if you are thinking about contributing to this first fundraiser of 2017…I would prefer that you use either the PayPal method or the Patreon method (see below for more info). But you can also make out a check to Lummox Productions and mail it to Lummox c/o PO Box 5301  San Pedro, CA 90733.

Every year, I try some new angle to bring more money into the Lummox coffers.  Last year I tried two funding platforms, one with greater success than the other. One is called PATREON (the less successful of the two) and the other is called GO FUND ME. I used that one to raise enough money to buy a van after 2 cars in a row were stolen from outside my apartment. I raised my goal of $3000 in a very short time (but the 10% price tag for using the platform left me short of my goal). So the GO FUND ME platform is good for short term projects…like replenishing my supply of ISBNs (something I’ll have to do at the end of this year).

But what I really need is long term, monthly fundraising. PATREON provides this but again the percentage takes some of the bite out of the long term goals. PATREON is really designed for artists (visual arts, musical arts, film, and the like), not poet-publishers. I see it as viable, but at the level of time that I can commit to fundraising, I’m really not capable of investing my time (it’s a full time job, really). So I’ll continue to use PATREON as a backup to my other tool, PAYPAL.

Over the past few years, the Lummox Press has come to rely more and more on donations or as someone once said, “the kindness of strangers.” Whether you call it “paying it forward” or “gifting” it all boils down to the desire to help out those who help others. I didn’t start out to become a publisher of poetry with over 250 titles…in fact, in the beginning I had planned to publish a few things to sell so that I could afford stamps (remember the old SASE’s?) to send submissions out. Back then I was still a poet who self-published (now I’m more like a publisher who writes the occasional poem). One thing led to another and here I am today, actually making a spartan living selling poetry that I have published!

In the beginning, my projects had to at least break even. I had no extra money to spend on poetry. In those days, I made my spending money by working as a handyman. But fate caught up with me and took away my ability to perform the tasks I needed to do in order to make a living as a grunt. Enter the biz of selling poetry.

Ideally, a long term fundraiser brings in a constant revenue stream that is sufficient to cover the month to month costs of doing business…with the occasional need for specialty fundraiser projects. My goal with both the PAYPAL & PATREON monthly payments is to raise as close to $500 a month as I can.

         PATREON –  Become a Patron!