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Hello, to all of the Lummox Press fans that participate in his contests, anthologies, chapbook printings, and whatever he can provide for you, to help you as poets and writers.  RD Armstrong, along with his Lummox Press, has helped me to grow in confidence as a writer of poetry.  In return, I decided it was time for a little payback, and have signed up for a monthly donation to Lummox Press.  It’s just my way to say thank you and help defray some of the expenses of his contribution to us.  Think abut what he has done for us, as growing poets.  Every little bit helps to keep Lummox Press going.” Sue Crisp

A little about the Lummox Press…In the beginning, my projects had to at least break even. I had no extra money to spend on poetry. That was in 1994. In those days, I made my spending money by working as a handyman. But fate caught up with me and eventually took away my ability to perform the tasks I did in order to make a living with my hands, tho it took about 17 years to realize it.

I didn’t start out to become a publisher of poetry with over 250 titles…in fact, in the beginning I had planned to publish a few things to sell so that I could afford stamps to send out submissions (remember the old SASE’s?). Back then I was still a poet who self-published (now I’m a publisher who writes the occasional poem).

The Lummox Press has always relied on contributions,”the kindness of strangers,” if you will, to help with operations but over the past few years, as I have had to rely more and more on the slim income stream from Lummox Press sales/donations, I’ve had to increase the fundraising campaigns. Enter the biz of promoting the value of poetry. Consider these comments from Lummox readers (most of these comments refer to the Lummox Poetry Anthology):

When I received L6 I was really down….  your book lifted me out of a dark period. You and your friends do great work and I am grateful. THANK YOU.”
Dave Moore, NM

This is a coffee table book! Meaning beautiful as well as brilliant. I know the sacrifice it entails. Let us call it HOLY WORK bringing these voices together in love.”
Grace Cavalieri, VA

Congrats on another gorgeous, outstanding book! I love the variety, diversity layout. Thanks, RD, for all the hard work you do on behalf of us writers.”
Thelma T. Reyna, CA

You are a tremendous inspiration! You are one of those rare persons who makes a difference!” Tony Moffeit, CO

Want to let you know that your personal story, publishing activities, and spirit inspires me.” Ed Coletti, CA

Whether you call it “paying it forward” or “gifting” it all boils down to encouraging, through your financial support, the Lummox Press because Lummox helps poets improve their skills. If you are part of our family, then you know what I’m saying is true. These testimonials are just the tip of the iceberg.

WHY NOT HOLD ANNUAL FUNDRAISERS? In the past, I’ve tried fundraising events which are effective for specific items and I’m not opposed to that! But I’m looking for ongoing support, even a small amount of $5 a month adds up. I have several patrons who are doing this via PayPal (I suppose one could set up something with your bank account and Lummox’s, as well). This is the easiest way to do it and I’m serious about the amount ($5 and up)!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. One time donation / or a repeating donation via PayPal (or your bank), $5 and up.
  2. Become a Subscriber for $30 a year and get a copy of the Lummox Poetry Anthology and a copy of the winning chapbook from the poetry contest!
  3. Become a patron of the Lummox Anthology (one time of $25 and up).

Here’s how to do it:

  1. All donations are gratefully accepted and can be made via PayPal; either by sending from your paypal account to, or by using the Donate button at the top of this page.
  2. If you prefer to use a check or money order, please make it out Lummox Productions and mail it to 3127 E. 6th St. Long Beach, CA 90814.

More Comments

I have been following you for a long time and I think you do a splendid job.”
Lavonne Westbrooks, GA

Man, it must take you thousands of hours to compile your anthologies! Love flicking through them & occasionally finding the gems.”
George Anderson, Australia

I received Lummox 6. Absolutely great publication! Looking forward to a lot of reading and feeling the emotions of it all. Thanks to you and Chris [layout design] for all that you are and all that you do; your commitment and hard work is greatly appreciated…” Winnie Star, CA

You did a Great Job on the Lummox!!! …what I have read of the poetry is first rate. Great to see something actually in print, in this digital, throw away, cyberspace age.”
Norman Olson, MI

“…thanks for all your hard work on the magazine.” George Held. NY

“Beautiful issue, just beautiful! Proud to be in it.” Ellaraine Lockie, CA