Submission Guidelines

Lummox Press publishes mostly poetry, some fiction (mainly short story collections) and is interested in creative non-fiction (Essay collections, Memoirs, etc). I am willing to look at works of an experimental nature. Since 2008 approximately 45% of the Lummox catalog (50 titles) have been first collections of poetry. I publish known and unknown writers. The Lummox motto is “Game, not fame.”

Lummox publishes perfect bound (Trade) books of at least 106 pages. But at the end of 2013, I started publishing perfect bound chapbooks of 56 pages, maximum. Lummox also publishes an annual Poetry Anthology, which, as of 2016, will start publishing Flash Fiction and Short Stories as well. In addition to this, Lummox press has started running a yearly Poetry contest which includes a cash prize plus the publication of a chapbook (40 copies go to the winner). There is a $15 reading fee for the contest.



For full length manuscripts  (at least 106 pages) submit 3-4 poems via email + a proposal which includes a synopsis of the manuscript during the reading period (July 1 to August 31). For a sample of a typical book, go here.

For chapbooks (maximum 56 pages) submit 3-4 poems and a proposal (same as above), during the reading period (July 1 to August 31). For a sample of a chapbook, go here.

For the Lummox Poetry Anthology and the annual Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Prize go here. For a sample of the anthology, go here.

Lummox Press also publishes specialty books, instructional books, anthologies and other projects. I am open to suggestion, so pitch your project to me.


Lummox offers copy editing and/or proof reading; and/or I will help you publish your own book (using your own ISBN, plus a simple layout and cover design of your choosing) for reasonable rates… Contact RD Armstrong for a quote.