2018 Lummox 7


The Lummox Poetry Anthology & Poetry Contest has been evolving since it began. Each year has brought a new wrinkle to be dealt with. This year’s wrinkle is that I can no longer afford to give away free copies. All entrants to the poetry contest will receive a copy for their $15 reading fee. Non poetry entrants (USA) will either receive a PDF copy or buy a copy for $12 + shipping (that 50% off retail!)

Any contributor that can come to any of the several Readings presented by Lummox, will get a copy as a reward for their efforts.

I hope that this policy will be embraced by the poetry community. I have been working for too little for too long. 

LAST YEAR’S WINNING CHAPBOOK – Georgia Santa Maria of Albuquerque, NM 

Georgia received 20 copies plus a cash prize of $100.

All Contest Entrants will receive a free copy of Lummox 7! 

Poetry Contest and Anthology SUBMISSIONS will open on April 1st 2018 & close on May 31st

The winner will receive 30 copies of a chapbook, published by Lummox Press, as well as a cash prize of $100; plus a mini-feature (along with 1st & 2nd runners up) in the anthology. Contact for questions.

There is no theme for LUMMOX 7 or the Poetry Contest.


The Reading Fee is non-refundable  for the POETRY CONTEST.  Please use the PayPal button below.


SUBMIT via email no later than May 31, 2018 to Raindog

The author must hold all rights to the POETRY. No manuscript submission is necessary to win! Submit, via email, 3 poems and include your NAME, your PEN NAME (if different), your CONTACT INFO and a short bio (100 words or less).

The Winning poet will be asked to provide a manuscript of up to 56 pages in a single document* and sent to Raindog. Payment can be made via the Pay Pal button below (preferred) or by check made out to LUMMOX PRODUCTIONS and sent to Lummox Press, PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733. The winning chapbook may include poems previously published in a periodical, anthology, or on the web but the manuscript as a whole may not have been published as substantially the same work. Please provide where and when the work previously appeared.

*Manuscript must be sent no later than Oct. 31…if it’s not, the Prize will be given to the First Runner-up!


Each poem will contain no more than 80 lines (including spaces between title and stanza/verses).

Use Times New Roman 12 pt font, single spaced. DO NOT paginate or format in any way (we’ll take care of that). The text must be written in English and must be solely the author’s work.

Please, no Simultaneous submissions.

For previous examples of poetry, please look at a copy of LUMMOX 4, the annual anthology published by Lummox Press. Lummox Press does not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, race or sexual orientation, but is very discriminating in choosing the work it publishes. This means that we want your best work!

The deadline is May 31, 2018. Pay with the Donation button below. All entrants who don’t get into the anthology or the poetry contest will receive a copy of the winning poet’s chapbook.


Email questions to poetraindog@gmail.com and write Lummox Prize in the subject line.

Please check the website, http://www.lummoxpress.com/lc/, for updates and further information. The winner and finalists will be announced via email.

Questions regarding PRINT submission can be sent via email address above or via mail to this address: Attn: Poetry Prize c/o PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733