2018 Lummox 7

HOW TO ENTER THE 2018 LUMMOX 7 POETRY ANTHOLOGY & NEW Angela C. Mankiewicz Poetry Contest


Contest and Anthology Reading period opens April 1, 2018 & closes May 31, 2018.

TWO MAJOR CHANGES to The Lummox Poetry Anthology & Poetry Contest. First, there is now a single $15 reading fee for both the anthology and the contest. It is non-refundable and due with your submission (see below for the PayPal button). So, when you enter the anthology, you can also enter the contest (and visa-versa); one fee, two options. Entrants from outside the USA will receive a PDF of the issue unless other arrangements are made (contact me if you want a hard-copy of the book).

Secondly, thanks to the generosity of the estate of the poet Angela C. Mankiewicz, the 1st place prize, named in her honor, is $500; $100 for 2nd place and $50 for 3rd place!

If you read at one of several Readings presented by Lummox, you will get a free copy of a recent chapbook as a reward for your efforts (please rsvp). Readings are held in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Ventura, Sacramento, San Francisco, New Mexico, Colorado and other locations (TBA). Basically wherever a gaggle of poets might assemble.

I hope that these changes will be embraced by the poetry community… They’re long overdue!

Angela C. Mankiewicz Poetry Contest Guidelines:

Send 3 poems (80 lines or less) via email to RD Armstrong – payment can be made via the Pay Pal button below (preferred) or by MONEY ORDER made out to LUMMOX PRODUCTIONS and sent to Lummox Press, 3127 E. 6th St. Long Beach, CA 90814



  • Winner receives a prize of $500 (with the option of a chapbook – 20 copies) plus a mini-feature in Lummox 7; 2nd place – $100 & 3rd place – $50; plus being included in the mini-feature and receiving a Lummox coffee cup.

  • The Winning poet will be given the option to provide a manuscript of up to 48 pages in a single document* and sent to Raindog.  The winning chapbook may include poems previously published in a periodical, anthology, or on the web but the manuscript as a whole must not have been published before. Please provide where and when the work previously appeared. *If you opt for the chapbook, the manuscript (24 to 30 pages) must be received no later than Sept. 1st ’18!

The Nuts and Bolts…applies to both the contest and the anthology.

  • You must hold all rights to the POETRY. Submit your 3 poems and along with your NAME, your PEN NAME (if different), your CONTACT INFO and a short bio (100 words or less).
  • Each poem will contain no more than 80 lines (including spaces between title and stanza/verses).
  • DO NOT format. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font. English only.
  • UNPUBLISHED POEMS are preferred (but PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED poems are okay).
  • Please, no Simultaneous submissions.
  • The deadline is May 31, 2018. All entrants who don’t get accepted for the anthology  will receive an E- copy of a previous winning chapbook. 

Lummox Press does not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, race or sexual orientation, but is very discriminating in choosing the work it publishes. This means that I want your best work! 

For examples of poetry, please look at a copy of LUMMOX 4.


Mary received 30 copies plus a cash prize of $100 (which she kindly donated back to Lummox Press to help with operational costs)!



Email questions to poetraindog@gmail.com and write Lummox Prize in the subject line.

Please check the website, http://www.lummoxpress.com/lc/, for updates and further information. The winner and finalists will be announced via email.

Questions regarding PRINT submission can be sent via email address above or via mail to this address: Attn: Poetry Prize c/o 3127 E. 6th St. Long Beach, CA 90814