Raindog aka RD Armstrong

RD Armstrong, AKA Raindog began his most recent incarnation as a poet in the early 90s.  He has 18 chapbooks, 11 books to his name and has been published in over 300 poetry magazines, newsletters, anthologies, blogs and e-zines.  He also operates the Lummox Press which published the Lummox Journal for 11 years; the Little Red Book series and numerous perfect bound collections of poetry & prose. Since 1995, Raindog has labored to serve the world of small press poetry and continues to do so to this day.  A dogged loner, he refuses to behave himself. He likes long walks on the beach and reading poetry by the light of the full moon. Someday, he hopes to settle down with a sweet gal and raise a passel of kids...okay, it's just a stupid dream, but who knows?



Photo Credits: top left, Tom Armstrong (1951-2); still from the movie "Dynamite Brothers" (1974); Jim Coke (2004); Unknown
at reading in Long Beach, CA (2010)



LAST CALL: the Bukowski Legacy Continues (2010 Lummox Press, Editor) Anthology - Poetry, Essays & Stories

Living Among the Mangled (abridged version of E/OR) (2010 Lummox Press) Poetry and Blogs

E / OR – Living Amongst the Mangled (2010 Lummox Press) Poetry & Blogs

The Long Way Home – 10 Years of the Little Red Book Series (2009 Lummox Press, Editor) Anthology - Poetry

Fire & Rain – Selected Poems 1993 – 2007 Vol. 1 (2008 & 2009 - reprinted Lummox Press) Poetry

Fire & Rain – Selected Poems 1993 – 2007 Vol. 2 (2008 Lummox Press) Poetry

On/Off the beaten Path – The Road Poems (2008 Lummox Press) Poetry

El Pagano and Other Twisted Tales (2008 Lummox Press) Short Stories

The Hunger (2007 Lummox Press) LRB 54 Poetry

Last Call: The Legacy of Charles Bukowski (2004 Lummox Press, Editor) Anthology - Poetry & Prose

Roadkill (2002 12 Gauge Press) (2003 – second printing) A long poem

The San Pedro Poems (2001 Lummox Press) Poetry

Lost Highway (2000 Lummox Press) LRB 28 Poetry

On/Off the Beaten Path (2000 Lummox Press) LRB 27 Poetry

Eyes Like Mingus (2000 Lummox Press) LRB 8 Anthology Poetry

A Journey up the Coast (1999 Lummox Press) LRB 10 Poetry

The Manx Tales (1999 Lummox Press) Micro Fiction

Bone (1999 Lummox Press) LRB 4 W/ Todd Moore Poetry

Maytag Heights (1999 Lummox Press) LRB 16 Anthology Poetry

Fool’s Paradise (1998 Lummox Press) LRB 1 Poetry

El Pagano (1998 Lummox Press) LRB 2 A Short Story

En Memoriam (1997 Inevitable Press) Poetry

Paper Heart 1 – 4 (1997 – 2006 Lummox Press) LRB Poetry

Dufus! (1996 Lummox Press) Anthology Poetry

Pedro Blue (1996 Vinegar Hill Press) Poetry

The Lummox Journal (1995 – 2006) Poetry, Essays, Interviews

Last Call: A Legacy of Madness (1995 - Vinegar Hill Press & Lummox Press) Anthology - Poetry & Prose

Unkissed by the Angels (1993 Lummox Press) Poetry

Love is Dancing Just out of Reach (1993 Lummox Press) Poetry